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Q: Who sings the new song Goodbye you hear it on pop stations and it sounds like Metallica?
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Who sings enter sandman?

Metallica..or are you asking for the vocalist from Metallica?

What group sings Sandman?


Who sings Sting's theme song?


Who sings Fight Fire with Fire?


Who sings the goodbye song in the cellulite commercial?

Anna He - Goodbye

Who sings 'Hello-Goodbye'?

The Beatles have a song that is called Hello Goodbye.

Who sings that song goodbye city goodbye girl?

hootie and the blowfish did a remake

Who sings goodbye?

Christina Dabarge!

Who sings Goodbye Mr A?

The Hoosiers

Who sings in metallica?

James Hetfield is metallica's lead singer. Jason Newsted sang backing vocals while he was in the band.

Who sings the WWE 4 horsemen entrance song?


Who sings country eighties song The Goodbye Song?

These NUTS sings that song...

Who sings kiss and say goodbye?

the manhattans

Who sings goodbye girl?

David Gates

Who sings new song dance song called goodbye?

Kristinia Debarge sings it :)

Who sings the American Idol goodbye song?

I don't know, but the singer of the song "Goodbye" was by Kristiana Debarge.

Who sings nananana goodbye?

"Na Na, Hey Hey, Goodbye" is by a 60s group called Steam.

Which band sings hello goodbye?

Live On Arrival

Who sings the new song hello goodbye?

The Beetles

Who sings time to say goodbye?

Ya Mum

Who sings Hello Goodbye by The Beatles?

paul mccartney

The song Miley Cyrus sings in Miley Says Goodbye?

She sings Every Part of Me and Mixed Up.

Who sings the song goodbye girl in the movie goodbye girl 1977?

The lead singer of Bread, David Gates.

Who sings lets just kiss and say goodbye?

The Manhattans

Who sings let's just kiss and say goodbye?

The Manhattans