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Who sings the song 'Everlasting Love' heard in the movie A Cinderella Story?

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Not sure if it's the same version, but Natalie Cole sang it in the 80's. Amen Corner in the 60's

2009-01-10 22:25:21
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Q: Who sings the song 'Everlasting Love' heard in the movie A Cinderella Story?
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Is there a movie called a Cinderella story 2?

No it's called Another Cinderella Story

Another Cinderella story?

another Cinderella story is a 2008 movie staring Selena Gomez.

Who directed the movie Cinderella story?

The movie 'cinderella story' was directed by a man named Mark Rosman. Cinderella story is a romantic comedy film starring Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray.

What is the type of the Cinderella?

The Cinderella character is a Disney Princess. The "Cinderella" story is a nursery rhyme. The "Cinderella" movie is an animated film.

Who is in the movie A Cinderella Story?

Cinderella is hillary duff she played sam montogemery

What is the second movie from Cinderella?

Cindrella story

Who was the main character in a Cinderella story?

Samantha Montgomery and Austin Ames were the main characters in the movie "a Cinderella story"

Who is the star in the movie A Cinderella Story?

A Cinderella Story made in 2004 stars Hilary Duff, Jennifer Coolidge, and Chad Michael Murray. This is a great teen and family movie and puts a great twist to the traditional Cinderella story.

What were the names of the actors of a Cinderella story acting Selena Gomez?

If you are asking about the actors/actresses that worked with Selena in the movie Another Cinderella Story, you can look up Another Cinderella Story on for the full cast and crew of the movie.

What role did Selena Gomez play in another Cinderella story?

Mary, a a main character in the movie that is the Cinderella in the movie.

In the movie Cinderella story the movie what was the wicked stepmother called?


What movie is Jane Lynch from?

Another Cinderella Story

What is Cinderella story?

A movie starring Hillary Duff

Who is the girl in Another Cinderella story?

"Cinderella" was Selena Gomez She played Mary Santiago in the movie

Name a classic Cinderella themed movie?

A Cinderalla Story

The 1998 movie Ever After is based on which classic story?


What laptop did she have in the movie another Cinderella story?

dell something

Was Rob Thomas in the 2004 movie a Cinderella story?

Yes he was

What is Hilary Duff's favorite movie?

Cinderella Story i think

Was the story in the movie of ever after a true story?

No, the movie "Ever After", with Drew Barrymore, was based on the fairy tale "Cinderella".

Who starred in 'Another Cinderella story' part 1?

Another Cinderella Story stars Selena Gomez and Drew Seeley. The movie had an estimated budget of five million dollars and follows a very similar plot line to the first movie, A Cinderella Story.

What is Joey Parker's real name in the movie Another Cinderella Story?

Andrew Seeley plays the part of Joey Parker in the movie Another Cinderella Story. He likes to be called Drew Seeley

Who wrote disneys Cinderella?

Cinderella is a really ancient story line. The Ancient Greek historian Strabo wrote down a story extremely similar to Cinderella in the 1st century BC. 'Cinderella' has been a folk-tale for centuries. Walt Disney was just one of the many in history who repopularized the story. The movie story of Cinderella was actually written in the 1920s or 30s for an earlier Disney short animated movie. It was adapted as a full-length animated movie by Disney studio writers for the 1950 film, "Cinderella". The first use of the name, "Cinderella" in a repeat of the ancient story, (but in French) was written in 1697 by Charles Perrault, a French writer of fairy tales. It is this version of Cinderella that was used by Disney studios for the 1950 animated movie.

Is another Cinderella story good?

Yes, Another Cinderella Story is amazing I would give it a 10 as well. Its the best movie I've ever seen!!!

When the movie another Cinderella story come out at blockbusters?

It is already out It is already out