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The song is "What are you doing the rest of your life" performed by Dusty Springfield.

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Who sings the song 'What are you doing the rest of my life' in the Journey Diamonds commercial?

Barbra Streisand sings that.

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Diamonds are not sustainable, in the environmental sense.

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Which commercial? Describe? What is she doing?

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You can find out more about selling diamonds by talking directly to local diamond sellers, taking classes in the business, or doing an apprenticeship.

How much does an actor get paid for a nationwide tv commercial?

Actors in television commercials that go nationwide get paid variable amounts. The pay rate depends on how well known the actor is, how good their agent is, and how big of a brand it is doing the advertising.

Is imitating parts of a commercial against copyright?

It depends on what you're doing it for, how and where you're doing it, and more. A parody of the commercial would likely be defensible under fair use.

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Are commercial pilots armed? depends...what are you planning on doing with this information...

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Brooke Alexander

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$1 bill.

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Yes it is!

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