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Hi I am Raul AbramzonI composed the song (lirycs and music) and I sang in the 74 this songBut not in the commercial of Corolla , Is not my vertionIs only my song regardsRaul

The song in spanish is called "Chau Chau Adios" and was originally sung in the 70's by Raul Abramzon. It can be found at overstock dot com. The name of the album is "El Disco Del Million". It was remade by Leo Dan, Leonardo Favio, Palito Ortega, and Miguel Gallardo. The version used in the commercial is by Raul Abramzon. All versions can also be found on Limewire. Hope this helps.

Well. I just want to add that this guy raul Abramzon was a very popular singer in the 70's All his songs went straight to 1st place in radio stations. He's from Argentina and just visited Costa Rica last year where he got a lot of friends and some nephews. He must be around fifty seven years old and he is a very talented person. Also, He decide to step aside his carrier as a singer after re-planting his goals. He never wanted to be a famous person. I think in nineteen seventy seven He decide to enjoyed his live and that's what he did. Since then we just got what he left for us a compilation of beatifull love songs as chau chau adios, una vieja cancion de amor, la tarde que te ame, la plaza, noche a noche dia a dia, and more. Raul Abramzon is without a doubt A singer who will live forever in the memories of romantic people who, like me, find that the best music af all times was written on the 70's. since 1977 till now he is helping another people to reach his goals.But I'm pretty sure that no matter what lenguage you speak, Raul Abramzon greatest hits is a collection that must be within your collection.That's all I have to say.Thank you.

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Q: Who sings the song in the Toyota Corolla Spanish commercial 'ciao ciao amor'?
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