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Who sings the song in the Toyota Prius commercial?


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It was sung by Fabienne Delsol.

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The question was who sings the song, not who wrote it.

"The 2013 Toyota Prius: "Those Who Get It, Get It" with Raphael Saadiq" This commercial features a man with glasses (artist, Raphael Saadiq) singing a song with a guitar. He starts out singing from the open hatch of the car. He then gets up and starts singing to three woman who are in the back seat."

the original song is by the bellamy brothers, called "let your love flow." petra Hayden sings it in the commericial.

The original track was written by copywriter Ted Kapusta.

Here's your answer as to "who sings the new Toyota Prius "Hum" song, "A Prius for everyone." - It is Petra Haden. For more information, please refer to the related link.

Come Along sung by Fabienne Deisol from her album "Between You and Me". MP3 available at Amazon

The Toyota song in the company's commercial is Wheel by Fisher.

It's a jingle for the Toyota Prius commercial. No song released.....yet.

Petra Haden, although the original song was written by the Bellamy Brothers.

I think it is Carly Simon from her original recording.

Shakira sings the song in the Diamonds are Forever commercial.

Annie Little sings the song fly me away in the Amazon Kindle commercial.

Kelly Clarkson sings the 2nd single off her latest album, Stronger which is entitled What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) in the Toyota commercial.

Cat Stevens wrote the song. Cat Powers sings the song in the commercial.

Pete Droge, and "Going Whichever Way the Wind Blows" is the title.

Russel Peterson sings the song on the lakers commercial.

The song in the Dell commercial is a remake of the song Lollipop by The Chordettes

The person who sings the Lays chips commercial song is Leah Clarks

The Heavy sings How You Like Me Now from the Kia commercial

the song Craig sings on the "degrassi goes to Hollywood" commercial is called "rescue you". he sings this song to ellie in that particullar commercial.

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