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Who sings the song in the new Telus commercial with the rabbits?


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There is two new rabbit baised telus comercials.

The one where the rabbits chase the female rabbit around is 'I Was made for loving you' by Kiss

and the one with the rabbit ears that change colors and warp is 'Television rules the nation' by daft punk.

Answerthere is a new one by a female band can't figure out who Answerit's le tigre Answeroh ya that's who it is!!!its been a while since i heard themthanks dude Answerrabbits watching soccer on their phones is..."Fluxland" by XL

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It's by Chairlift and the song is called Bruises

Mina Mazzini does that version. It was sped up for the commercial, though.

The song is called Television Rules The Nation. It is by a group called Daft Punk.

Stars and Crosses You can buy their song on CD Baby

It's by Yacht and called Psychic City. He puts on a great show!

The song in the Telus monkey commercial is called "Do Your Thing" by Basement Jaxx.

the song in the sony bravia spot with the colored shape-changing rabbits is "she's in rainbow" by the rolling stones

The song is called "The Final Countdown" by the band "Europe".

"The Song" by Emilie Mover - that's what I found on youtube.

The song is Misirlou by Dick Dale and his Deltones

The question was who sings the song, not who wrote it.

Shakira sings the song in the Diamonds are Forever commercial.

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Annie Little sings the song fly me away in the Amazon Kindle commercial.

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