Who sings the song played during the PBS commercial for Waking Dead. The lyrics go Come to me run to me do and be done with me?

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Annie Lennox
Annie Lennox. It's her song "Cold" from her first solo album - "Diva"
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Who sings the song on the Cingular commercial that contains the lyrics Sweet Melissa?

Michael McDonald of the Doobey Brothers performed the song for Cingular/AT&T during the commerical. Greg Allman wrote it and recorded it 4 months after his brother died. It was Duane's favorite song and Greg performed it at his funeral. . Answer . The Allman Brothers. Answer . Duan Allman. ( Full Answer )

Who sings the song on the PBS ad for PBS ends with take your breath away sounds like long dead Eva Cassidy?

Answer . The song is from the 2003 album 'American Tune". It's the last song on the cd. Amazon.com search for Eva Cassidy brought up all her music, the latest being the above mentioned. You can listen to a clip of the song ' You Take My Breath Away" there. The reviews follow, all of which are posit ( Full Answer )

What is the song on the PBS 'Be more' commercial?

"The song used in the interstitial is called 'Only You', performed by the 'New Rythm and Blues Quartet' (NRBQ). It was first released on their 1972 album 'Scraps', and again later on their 1986 compilation 'Uncommon Denominators'". http://muppet.wikia.com/wiki/PBS_Interstitials

What is the name of the classical themed song played during a PBS commercial It has a symphony playing in the background while it shows videos of nature?

I believe it's the John Dunbar theme from Dances With Wolves that you may be looking for. I was hunting for it too and ended up buying the soundtrack, because it was that song. (I would suggest looking up this soundtrack on Amazon and listening to it to make sure.) Happy hunting and good luck! Hope ( Full Answer )

Who sings a song with the lyrics 'come and sit by the river'?

That is Jackson Creek...You can hear part of it at www.folkfiddle.com/cd.htm The words can be found at http://www.traditionalmusic.co.uk/bluegrass-lyrics/Come_and_sit_by_the_river.html M. Jackson Creek may be a band that plays this song, but they are neither the first band to play it ( Full Answer )

What is the song played during The Mentalist commercial?

Depends on wich one... there are many commercials...two that i know of are.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBECqpxLvGA Bitter:Sweet - Troubleis http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XDxhDbtDak Jem - It's Amazingis

What song has the lyrics 'wake up'?

Probably several, including 'Wake up, little Suzie', from a pop song of the late 1950s. "Wake up" by Hilary Duff. "Chop Suey" by System of a Down "Open Your Eyes" by Goldfinger

What is the song on PBS commercial?

Coldplay songs appear in at least two PBS commercials. I've head "Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground" and "Fix You". Good stuff...

What are the lyrics for The Power is on song play 60 commercial?

It's from the song "power is on" by Go! Team watch who's comin at you why? who's got the power? watch whos comin at you if you might allow her watch who's comin at you why? who's comin through? one, a bit right then we got two watch who's comin at you but don't fuss watch who's g ( Full Answer )

Who sings the song coming home in Budweiser commercial?

Skylar Grey is the singer who sings the actual refrain of the song,but the track is actually a Diddy (also known as Puff Daddy)released track with Skylar Grey singing the chorus. The song is asingle from Diddy's most recent album entitled "Last Train toParis" and was released as a single in November ( Full Answer )

Who sing s a song with lyrics do run dorun?

I think you might be referring to a song recorded in the early sixties by a girl group called "The Crystals", and the actual name of the song is "Da Do Ron Ron".