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Who sings the song you need a man as featured in the 2005 documentary film gay sex in the 70's?

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August 15, 2008 1:37PM

I don't know the song you mean, but Divine sang "You think

you're a man, you are only a boy" in some of those films. OK, the

answer is: The song "You need a Man" isn't on the CD soundtrack.

Gay Sex In the 70s Soundtrack 1xCD 1. Intro 2. North End "Kind of

Life (Kind of Love)" 8 min 46 sec 3. Billy Nichols "Give Your Body

Up To The Music" 5 min 46 sec 4. Bobby Youngblood "There's Never

Been No One Like You" 6 min 29 sec 5. Taana Gardner "No Frills" 4

min 47 sec 6. Loose Joints "Is It All Over My Face" 6 min 14 sec 7.

Taana Gardner "Paradise Express" 6 min 27 sec 8. Philly USA "Speak

Well" 4 min 15 sec 9. Taana Gardner "Work That Body" 5 min 59 sec

10.Colleen Heather "Magic" 5 min 24 sec 11.Michele "Disco Dance" 5

min 42 sec 12.Taana Gardner "When You Touch Me" 7 min 18 sec

13.Carl Bean "I Was Born This Way" (Gomi's Tribute Mix) 3 min 47


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