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Eminem (Feat. Obie Trice, Stat Quo & 50 Cent) - Spend Some Time ;-)

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โˆ™ 2010-08-31 06:36:46
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Q: Who sings with eminem in spend some time?
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Who is the girl who sings in Eminem's Spend some time?

Hailie Jade Scott

Did Eminem spend time in prison?

Yes for Drugs

Where does eminem spend most of his time?


Who sings the country song about a little boy who saves his money so that his dad will spend some time with him?

"The Dollar" by Jamey Johnson

In the Eminem song Spend Some Time who is Eminem speaking of?

he wrote that song with 1st time writing it was called 1 night stand he changed some parts and it turned into spend some time but really he was speaking of well any 1 cause it was 1 night stand it is said that his verse is a mix up of his feelings for kim and another girlfriend of his marissa cirrilo. he fell for birth, and they both played him (kim kissed another man) marissa (cheated) yet he still felt love for both of them.

What artist sings the song containing the lyrics Amy what you going to do I think I could spend some time with you for a while maybe longer?

Pure Prairie League

Name of black singer sings song with lyric put some down on it spend a little time on it oh baby?

Millie Jackson "Put Something Down on It"

Why did Eminem stop singing?

He has been wanting to spend more time with his daughter and his wife, the song "When I'm Gone" shows it all

Where do people spend time in Maryland?

Some Marylanders spend as much as eight hours each day in bed. Some work. A few spend some liesure time at the beach or on the Bay. A few spend all of their time in prison.

Why does Eminem rap about negative things?

depends on what you mean, eminem raps about things that have happened to him in real life, toy soldier is about his friend that got killed, and when im gone is about how he doesnt get to spend time with his daughter haillie

Some other time Who sings it?

Ruby, the artist, sings the song "Some Other Time", and if you want to watch it, it is even on youtube.Thanks,seesaw81297

Does Eminem have a timeline?

yes Eminem does have a time-line everybody does

How much time do teens spend listening to rap music?

Some teens spend no time at all listening to rap music, some spend most of the day doing so.

How do you spend your leisure time?

You can spend your leisure time in many different ways to relax. Some people likes to spend their leisure time watching TV, reading, or listening to music.

What does Eminem do in his spare time?

eminem in his spare time writes new raps and fathers his daughter halley Jade

What day and time was Eminem born?

Eminem was born October 17, 1972. But I don't know what time. Sorry!!

Did Eminem ever gone to prison?

Not to prison, no. But to jail, yes. Eminem was arrested twice in June 2000 on gun charges in Michigan. Although he was convicted, he was granted probation on both charges. He was booked and did spend time in jail on both occasions, prior to his arraignment.

Do otters spend some time in the water and some on land?


How do you use the word spend in a sentence?

Do not spend all your money at once.I'm not willing to spend that much.I'm going to go spend some time at the arcade. I won't spend a lot of time writing this.I want to spend all my money today.

What rapper is respected for his assonance and flow?

eminemsome examples;Every time I write a rhyme, thEse pEople think it's a crime - Eminem, CriminalI'm running up on someone's lawns with guns drawn. - Eminem Rock Bottom

Where is Eminem the rapper today?

Eminem hasn't really gone anywhere although he hasn't made a new album in some time now. Eminem is currently working on a new album which should be out sometime this year, the title of the album is not known at this time. Eminem continues to produce a number of new songs and helping out fellow rappers which are signed to his label: "Shady Records".

Who sings what time is it?

The High School Musical cast sings "What time is it?".

What are some of the way you spend your leisure time?

To go to the movies, and have fun and go to games and the mall with friends. That is a way to spend your leisure time! :)

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some where which is nice and lovely to spend time with your husband or whoever you are going with

Who sings im not the only one you spend this time with?

if that's the title i cant help u. if that's part of the lyrics then its Smile In Your Sleep by Silverstein.