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James Naismith started basketball

(November 6, 1861 - November 28, 1939) was a Canadian and

naturalized American sports coach and innovator. Naismith invented

the sport of basketball in 1891 and is often credited with

introducing the first football helmet. Naismith wrote the original

basketball rulebook, founded the University of Kansas basketball

program, and lived to see basketball adopted as an Olympic

demonstration sport in 1904 and as an official event in 1936.

Naismith's contributions to basketball have earned him several

posthumous honors, such as in the Canadian Basketball Hall of Fame,

the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame, the Canadian Sports Hall of

Fame, the Ontario Sports Legends Hall of Fame, the Ottawa Sports

Hall of Fame, the McGill University Sports Hall of Fame, the Kansas

State Sports Hall of Fame and the FIBA Hall of Fame. The Naismith

Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame carries his name.

James Naismith

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