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Labor laws began in 1938. These laws were began in an effort to curb child labor and provide better working conditions. Labor laws were started by Caesar Chavez.

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Q: Who started labor laws?
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Which of these agencies administers federal labor management relation laws?

The Department of Labor is responsible for the management of labor relations laws. The department enforces labor laws enacted by Congress.

Does Texas have child labor laws?

To the best of my knowledge, every state has child labor laws. There are also federal child labor laws. To find Texas' child labor laws, google 'Texas statutes, labor code, chapter 51'

What are labor laws?

Labor laws include the number of hours a person may work, when overtime is paid, when a strike is allowed, and child labor laws.

Which state did not have child labor laws in 1914?

which state did not have child labor laws in 1914?

What influence did Franklin D Roosevelt have on the country?

FDR had a huge influence on the country. FDR started the Social Security Administration, as well as started child labor laws and banking laws. He also increased employment opportunities.

Child labor laws in jacksonville fl?

The labor laws is 18 to start a buisness. i think that this is ridiculesness

Why did public schools gain more students in the late 1800s?

Child Labor Laws Started and children were required to attend school.

How are Massachusetts labor laws different from the labor laws in NY?

State child labor laws is less protective in New York. Also, the minimum wage is different in those 2 states.

Fast-food labor laws Indian acts?

That I know of there is no provision for "Labor Laws" in any "Indian Act."

Are there any rules or laws about child labor?

Yes, there are many rules and laws about child labor. There Federal laws set as minimum requirements and many states have stricter laws.

Do you get paid for child labor laws?


Does child labor exist in Canada?

Canada has child labor laws.

Who is affected by child labor laws?

Children and their parents are affected by child labor laws. Prospective employers are also affected as they cannot employ child labor.

Are the child Labor laws the same in every state?

No, see the link below for the US Dept. of Labor's state by state laws regarding child labor.

What is good about the Florida labor laws?

Florida labor laws are good for many reasons. Like other labor laws, they guarantee a minimum wage for certain jobs, restrict child labor from happening, and it makes Florida a "right to work" state.

When did Labor Day start and who started it?

Labor day starts at Sept 6 2010, and i think Grover Cleveland started Labor day

Whats the child labor laws?

Child labor laws were laws that protected children in the workplace. Many children were being overworked and injured. These laws kept many children safe.

Are there labor laws for working only on commission?

No there are no labor laws against that as long as you are 18 yrs of age and what your doing is legal

How worker-friendly are Iowa labor laws?

Iowa labor laws permit people that are sixteen and older to get jobs if they choose.

Are there special labor law requirements or exemptions for a 14 year old homeschooler looking for a job in California?

You must be 16 to get a job in California. For more child labor laws in California, visit They have comprehensive posters of child labor laws included in the labor law posters. Most states have laws that make employers post labor law posters of child labor laws.

What has the author Renato Balzarini written?

Renato Balzarini has written: 'Studi di diritto del lavoro' -- subject(s): International Labor laws and legislation, Labor laws and legislation, Labor laws and legislation, International

Where on the internet would I find labor laws for my state?

There is a website called that is a host of various state labor laws. Also just going to google and typing in your state and labor laws you will find a lot of answers.

What have labor unions used to win passage of favorable laws?

Labor unions used lobbying to win passage of favorable laws.

Can you sue your employer for breaking labor laws for minors?

Can you sue your employer for breaking labor laws for minors?Read more: Can_you_sue_your_employer_for_breaking_labor_laws_for_minors

What 2 labor laws were implemented within the last ten years?

Two new labor laws that were implemented within the last ten years were minimum wage and child labor laws. Recently, child labor laws were made more strict regarding farm work. Also, the minimum wage was raised.

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