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Elvis Presely

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How did pop music started?

Pop music originated and started in Britain in the 1950s.

What country did pop music start?

Country pop music started in the 1970's.

Where did pop music first start?

pop started in 1445

What the defference between classical and pop music?

Classical music started hundreds of years ago while pop music started only decades ago.

Where did pop rock music start?

Pop Rock music began in the 1960s. It started in the US as well as the UK.

When did pop music came about?

Popular music (music of the people) is, I guess, the original type of music, so the first caveman to beat out a rhythm, started pop music.

When did pop music start?

It started in the 1890's

When was pop music started?

pop music got started by -someguy probley put together some notes and LOTS of people liked it and copied.... just guessing.

When did popular music start?

Pop is short for "popular", therefore it started from the moment music began, as whichever songs were popular are "pop".

When did American pop start?

American pop music started n the 1950s and it derived from rock and roll. Some popular pop music singers are Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Miley Cyrus.

When did pop music started?

the 1950's after blues and swing, but before rock

What type of music did Christina aguilara start with?

light pop,kind of like britney spears did when she started music.

Why did pop music start?

hoboe jimbob started the pop and the song was baby got hobboing all night long

Where did pop start?

I'm assuming you mean where?Pop music started in the United States of America. A musician introduced a new type of music. This new type of music originated from black Americans. Pop music as in 'popular music' became very likable and is one of the best selling genres of music in the entire world now.

What is pop music?

Pop music stands for popular music.

What music wouldn't we have if there wasn't pop music?

pop music.

What type of music does Billy Joel write?

Mostly Pop and Rock, but more recently, he has started writing neo-classical music.

What is pop music about?

pop music is about funk mix pop is not that funky,and not that rock

Which century did pop music come in?

"pop" music just means POPULAR MUSIC... so at a time, Elvis Presley was pop music... just as britney spears is pop music now.

Is jazz in pop music?

It can be Incorporated within Pop music such as Amy winehouse has 'Jazz' in her music, but she can be classed as pop.

What is the difference between art music and pop music?

art music is boring pop music

What defines pop music?

Pop music means 'Popular', therefore if it sells its pop.

When did the music pop emerge?

pop music emerged in 1345

When was This Is Pop Music created?

This Is Pop Music was created in 2000.

Is rolling in the deep pop or rock music?

Pop music