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Who started the CIA?

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President Harry Truman

Added: Technically the above answer is correct - however, in reality the CIA actually existed prior to then but was officially known as the 'Office of Strategic Services' (OSS) which was formed during WWII under the administration of Truman's predecessor, Franklin D. Roosevelt. It was re-named the Central Intelligence Agency after WWII, during President Truman's Administration.

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When did the CIA developed?

the CIA started in 1947 after the cold war

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What secret Catholic Society started in1887?

the CIA ( Catholic Inteligence Agency)

Can there be agents in the CIA?

The CIA is composed of agents. CIA agents!

What are the ranks for the CIA?

The CIA does not have ranks.

What is CIA GDP?

Cia gdp

What was an effect of the Watergate scandal on the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)?

congress resolved to watch CIA activities

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When was the CIA created?

The CIA was created in 1947

What's harder to get into the FBI or the CIA and why?

the CIA

What branch is the CIA in?

The CIA is a separate agency.

Where is the CIA located?

the cia is located in Washington dc

Who was president when CIA created?

who was the president when the cia was created?

Who makes more money CIA or FBI?


What is a CIA virus?

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What type of agency is the CIA?

The CIA is an Intelligence Agency.

Does Japan have a CIA counterpart?

Yes and it is called CIA

How do you notrafy the CIA about kids being apart of thr CIA?

suspect everybody from any age ANSWER Please clarify. If their kids were members of the CIA the CIA WOULD know about it, obviously.

What kind of features are on the CIA gov website?

Some of the features that are on the CIA government website include the posting of public CIA files, and the option to apply to become a member of the CIA.

Who separated the CIA from the FBI?

The CIA was NEVER a part of the FBI

What is CIA proper?

The CIA stands for Central Intelligence Agency.

When was the CIA formed?

the CIA was formed in Washington D.C. in 1947

What was the CIA called before it was dubbed CIA?

it was called OSS

Speeling out abbreviations for CIA?

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

What country does the CIA represent?

CIA is an agency of the US Government