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Who started the WWE?

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Vincent McMahon senior. Mr McMahon's dad.

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When is WWE stared?

WWE started in 1952.

Wwe start before tna?

WWE started 1952 TNA Started 2002 WWE4EVER!

Which WWE wrestlers started in WCW before they came to the WWE?

none they all started in wwe Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio and Chris Benoit all started originally from Old ECW then moved on to WCW then made there way to WWE

When was the WWE started?


Who started with WWE?


What year did sheamus start in the WWE?

Sheamus started in WWE in 2006.

What year jonhcena started on WWE?

2000 was the year he started

What was the name of WWE when it started?


Who started WWE wrestling?


When did Ashley massaro started in WWE?

She started on June 27, 2005.

Where did the WWE originate?

Wwe had its formername as wwf which was first started and owned by Mcmahon's family

How old was china when she came in the WWE?

She was 25 when she started wrestling and 27 when she joined the WWE

Tell you about the history of the WWE?

wwe was called wwf until someone said change it into wwe wwf started in 1950

How old was john when he started in the WWE?

he was 22

When was WWE World Wrestling Entertainment started?

It was started in 1952 by Mr.McMahon Sr.

How many years has WWE superstar Steve Austin been in the WWE?

hes been in the wwe for 12 yearz he started in 1992

Where did WWE start?

I dont know about WWE, but RAW started in Times Square in New York

What year was the first WWE match?

The first wwe match started in 1950 and continues in in 1996

What age was r -truth when he started WWE?

he started in 1999 so 27

What age did Jeff start wrestleing for the WWE?

When Jeff Hardy was only 16 he had started wrestling for WWE.

What time does WWE fatal4way starts?

The time WWE Fatal-4-Way started at was 8:00pm.

When did kelly kelly started in WWE?

WWE - 2008 Before that she was in ECW for 2 years since 2006

Who started the you cant see me?

John Cena, from WWE.

How old was jeff hardy when he started WWE?


What was or is the reason you started watching WWE?

saw it on TV