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Who started the first forensics lab?

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edmond lockhard

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Is there any difference between forensics lab and crime lab or are they both same?

They are the same.

What is the meaning of forensic laboratory?

forensics is like crime a forensic lab is a lab where they can test stuff like DNA or anything else"crime related"

What are the pros and cons of being a forensics lab investigator?

Forensics lab investigators use cutting-edge science in order to help solve cases and prevent crime. The pros of being an investigator are helping the community, the salary and knowledge. The cons are some of the subjects dealt with, the schooling to become an investigator and the long hours.

Where is the Indian first forensic lab situated?

India's first full-fledged Forensic Science Laboratory was established in 1952 in Calcutta by upgrading the Chemical Examiner Lab started in 1840's.

How do you get in the supply room on poptropica?

You need to apply for a job at the museum, get accepted, work at the forensics lab, and receive the supply room key.

How to I get digital forensics training?

If you have a love for digital forensics and are seeking opportunities to further your education, try visiting your local community college for enrollment opportunities. A college course planner will know exactly what courses you will need to get you started on earning your degree in digital forensics training!

How can a forensics lab determine from antibody class alone whether a sample is blood plasma or another body secretion such as semen or tears?

oh easy ......................

what training is required for a digital forensics job?

The required training for a digital forensics job would include Computer Forensics Core Competencies, Windows Forensics Essentials, as well as Computer Forensics Fundamentals.

What are some colleges to attend to be a detective?

ITT technical schools just started a forensics program, that is CSI oriented.

What is digital forensics exactly?

Digital forensics is the recovery and investigation of computer software found in digital devices. Digital forensics can also be referred to as computer crime. Digital forensics was originally called computer forensics but was changed to encompass all digital devices.

Conclusion for computer forensics?

what are some of the cool stuff computer forensics can do

Where would you find a forensic science lab?

Most if not all states have a chief medical examiner who works in a forensics lab. The labs may be associated with the state dept of justice or public health. University medical centers may have forensic labs also.

Who was the first American to use dental forensics to identify a person by their dental bridge?

Ben Franklin

Who started hotmail?

Hotmail was started in 12/09/1986 by Dr. Aristotle in USA LAb in collebration with Microsoft.

How do you get to the petpet lab?

First, you have to go to the Secret Lab. It's really random.

What is cyber forensics?

Basic meaning of cyber forensics is to make evidance against criminal.

When did Thomas Edison build he's first lab?

Thomas Edison built his first lab at age 10 ten.

How did the first microscope change history?

The invention of the microscope greatly impacted medical, forensics, and environmental sciences

Why is it good to work for forensics?

Working in Forensics is good because you can solve crimes that people have done.

Where can one follow colleges on forensics?

You can follow forensics in colleges at wisegeek, campus explorer, and taco macc. These are the best places to follow in forensics. There may be many more you can follow.

What are the release dates for Sundance Directors Lab - 2009 Getting Started 1-1?

Sundance Directors Lab - 2009 Getting Started 1-1 was released on: USA: 1 August 2009

Who founded the first psychology lab?

Wilhelm Wundt, a German doctor and psychologist, was responsible for creating the world's first psychology lab

What tests can I expect to take to become a lab tech?

You can expect to take many tests. Including chemistry tests, biology tests, physics tests, forensics test, etc. They are tests you will have to take and they are mandatory

What do you do after you get all nine petpet lab maps?

After you get all the PetPet Lab Maps, you are able to use the lab for your petpets, but of course, you must have all the original lab maps, first.

How is chromatography used in forensics?

chromatography is used in forensics to match DNA or any other substance or compound.