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Look at the Baseball FAQ (on page 1): What is a walk off home run? The answer from Sam Silas on 5/6/04 states Dennis Eckersley and the date, circumstances.

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When was the phrase serial killers first used?

I believe the phrase was first used in the 1950's

When was the phrase Bush internet first used?

The phrase "Bush internet" was first used in President Bush's candidacy during the year or 2000. Bush used this phrase for his nomination and candidacy.

Is for the first time an adverb phrase?

Yes. It is a prepositional phrase, used as an adverb.

Where did the phrase 'out and about' come from?

The phrase 'out and about' is believed to first be said in the late 1800s. There is no record of who first used the phrase but it's of British origins.

Is for the first time a prepositional phrase?

Yes. It is a prepositional phrase used as an adverb (answers when).

Where does the Latin phrase omnis cedo domus come from?

If your asking about its translation it means "Everybody Goes Home" I am a firefighter and it is a commonly used phrase in our profession. If your asking about its translation it means "Everybody Goes Home" I am a firefighter and it is a commonly used phrase in our profession.

Eaten you out of house and home?

There are many people that can eat you out of house and home. This is a very common phrase used.

In what year was the first home refrigerator used?

in what year was the first home refigerator used?

What movie used the iconic phrase phone home?

The movie that used the iconic phrase "phone home" is very much known as E.T. the Extra Terrestrial movie. This alien movie is directed by Steven Spielburg.

When the suicide clause first used?

Prepositional phrase...yeeeah...

How do you spell anyone home in German?

"Jemand Zuhause" is the commonly used phrase.

What does Leggo mean when used on Twitter?

It's a phrase started by Trey Songz and it means "Let's Go"

British statesman who first used the phrase iron curtain?

Winston Churchill, though he was repeating the phrase used earlier by Joseph Goebbels in 1945.

Where was home automation first used?

The home automation was first time used in Chicago world's fair in 1934.

What was John Cena's main phrase when he first was in WWE?

The very first thing he used as a catch phrase in the wwe was "word life" when he was "the doctor nof thug-anomics"

Coined the phrase?

To say someone coined a phrase means that he or she first used it or is otherwise credited with its origin. Writer Francis Brett Young coined that particular phrase in 1940.

Where did the quote 'the phrase that pays' come from?

This phrase has been used at many radio stations for many years. It is impossible to determine which radio station used it first.

Who coined the pharse Merry Christmas?

While it is not known exactly who first used the phrase "Merry Christmas", the greeting is known to have been used as early as 1565. The phrase was also used on the first commercially available Christmas card, which was produced in the mid 1800s.

Is there a difference between the expressions first and at first?

When speaking of a sequence of events, you would use the word "first," rather than the phrase "at first." For example, "First we went to the park, then we ate dinner." "At first" would be used to describe a change in one specific event. For example, "At first the weather at the park was very nice, but then it started to rain."

Natural gas was first used for what in homes?

this was first used for heat my home dawg

First to use the phrase iron curtain?

churchill used it in his famous speech, but it was a german, groubles or something like that, who used it in a speech/letter first

Who first used the expression iron curtain?

Joseph Goebels from Germany used this phrase first (before Winston Churchill,) in World War 2

When was a rudder first used on boats?

When they started needing to steer it

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