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France's Marshall Ferdinand Roch said that "This is not peace. This is an armistice for twenty years."

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Q: Who stated after the Treaty of Versailles was signed 'This war will be fought again'?
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What are two things the treaty of Versailles forced Germany?

what were the things Germany had to do as stated in the treaty of Versailles

How was blame for the two world wars fixed on Germany?

ww1: Germany signed the treaty of Versailles and it stated the war was their fault. I don't know about ww2.

How did world war one cause the progressive movement to end?

the treaty of Versailles was a big part...the treaty stated that Germany was blamed for the war..and they pretty much signed it and said the war was over

When did war war 1 end?

Officially ended in 1919 by the treaty of Versailles signed in Paris. This treaty stated that Germany had to take full responsibility of the war and this treaty would be a major factor of the beginning of World War II

What were the major results of the peace conference in Versailles?

After the Versailles Treaty was signed, it stated that the entire war was the fault of Germany. The treaty had also limited all of Germany's military, as well as creating the country of Poland and giving Alsace-Lorraine (French region) back to France.

Did the US ever ratify the Treaty of Versailles?

America did not join the League of Nations because the Senate did not ratify the Treaty of Versailles. The reason for this is because America did not want to immediately send troops if another nation was attacked. The League of Nations had stated that, so the Senate did not ratify the Treaty of Versailles.

Did Hitler defend the Treaty of Versailles?

Considering that the Treaty was one of the main reasons, that he stated, for the need of World War II, yes, he did defend it.

Why were economists opposed to the terms of the treaty of versaillies?

Economist were opposed to the terms of the treaty of Versailles because it was stated to be unfair and extremely expensive. The economist felt that later generations would come to regret the Versailles.

What war compensation blamed Germany for World War 1?

Article 231 or the War Guilt Clause from the Treaty of Versailles signed at Versailles Palace stated that Germany and her allies were to be blamed for starting the Great War. Following on from this, Article 232 stated that Germany were to pay the allies £600million in reperations. (This was actually less than what France had originally demanded as compensation)

Who created the Treaty of Versailles?

The Treaty of Versailles was created by Woodrow Wilson of United Stated, David Lloyd George, Georges Clemenceau, and Vittorio Emanuele Orlando. France with Clemenceau, UK with Lloyd George and USA with Woodrow Wilson.

Treaty of Verailles?

The Treaty of Versailles was a treaty which stated that all German forces had to leave and go back to Germany and it also said that Germany could no longer build of forces. PS i am in 8 grade.

What did the war guilt clausein the treaty of Versailles require of Germany?

Article 231 of the Treaty of Versailles - the War Guilt Clause - stated that Germany had to accept blame for the war. This clause then allowed the Allies to order Germany to pay reparations... £6.6 BILLION.

What was the Treaty of Rapallo?

In 1922 Germany and the emerging Soviet Union signed a treaty in Rapallo (in Italy). There were secret clauses in which Russia allowed Germany to station and train troops there. This was important for Germany as the Treaty of Versailles limited the size of the German Army to 100,000 men. Rapallo was a treaty between two shunned 'outcast' nations.-Emma- The Rapallo Agreement stated that Germany would make an annual payment to Russia in exchange for the training of its armed forces. All of which Germany was forbidden to possess as this meant that they were slowly beginning to re-militarize which violated the Treaty of Versailles.

In 1850 US and Britain signed what treaty which stated equal partnership in building and controlling a canal in Central America It was never acted upon?

the Clatoyon-Bulwer treaty

What treaty provided the bases for resentment that fueled world war 2?

The Treaty of Versailles. It stated that Germany only keep a standing army of 100,000 troops. They had to destroy all their tanks and hand over all of their U-Boats(submarines). They also had to pay reparations for "causing" WWI when they didn't cause the war(Serbian rebels did). Thats what fueld German anger. What fueled Allied anger was them not following the rules stated in the Treaty of Versailles. -Azumith Smith

What was the emancation proclamation?

well it was when a bunch of unicorn knights signed a treaty that stated that there would be peace between the unicorn knights and the pegases people.

What is the tready of versailles?

It was a treaty that the Triple Entente enforced upon Germany to sign after WW1 ended. The treaty stated that:Germany must take full blame for the warGermany must pay all reparationsArmy size is limited to just 10000 men and a few warshipsand they must give up most of their land to the Alliesthe Treaty of Versailles harshness lead to Germany's revenge in WW2

What is a Ghent Treaty?

The Ghent Treaty, or the Peace Treaty, was signed to end the war of 1812.It stated, basically, that everything will go back to the way it was before the war. It was considered a "temporary peace treaty" so that both countries could nurse their wounds and get back on their feet. did the Treaty of Ghent accomplish#ixzz17dR7wwc6

What were the failures of the Treaty of Vesailles?

the treaty of Versailles stated that Germany must pay repararations to the allies the hyper inflation started soon after that Germany had to pay over billions of German marks by that time the cost of a loaf of bread would be 3,465 marks Adam

Japan was on which side in World War 1?

The Allies (i.e. - Britain, France, Russia, the US, etc.). They later received the Marshall Islands, the Marianas and the Carolines from Germany, as stated in the Treaty of Versailles.

Did Egypt developed a relation ship that accepts Israel's right to exist?

Egypt and Israel signed a mutual peace treaty in 1978. Whether or not the provision was explicitly stated in the text of the treaty, you don't sign and ratify a formal treaty with a country whose existence you don't acknowledge.

The treaty signed on October 1 1953 between the US and stated that each country would come to aid of the other in case of attack by another country?

the republic of Kora

The treaty signed on October 1 1953 between the US and stated that each country would come to the aid of the other in case of attack by another country?

the rebublic of Korea

What defense treaty did the US sign with Australia and New Zealand?

ANZUS Treaty has been signed between US, Australia and New Zealand in 1951. The treaty was developed in response to the fear and threat of communist expansion in south east Asia. Australia also saw the benefits to the strong & powerful US as an ally. The treaty stated that the countries declared their sense of unity and support of each other if faced by an armed attack. It was the first treaty Australia signed which did not have Britain as a member. The actual terms of the treaty were very vague and did not force the partners to go to war to defend each other.

What did the 1789 Anti slavery treatise mean?

Ben Franklin signed it in 1789. It stated that there would be no slavery throughout the 13 colonies of the Untied States of America (ANTI-SLAVERY). A treatise is a treaty.