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Who still uses imperial system in Canada?

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The Housing construction industry still uses the imperial scale, 2x4's 4x8 sheets of plywood, gyproc etc. The Plumbing is all Inch size for piping, fittings etc.

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We don't, some older people still use the imperial system because that's what they were raised with. Officially Canada uses the metric system though.

United States, Liberia and Myanmar (Burma) are the three countries that still use the imperial system. United Kingdom uses the imperial system for occasional things like weight, distance and beer sizes. Canada also uses some imperial system because of historical ties with UK, Canada used the Imperial System until the 1970s, opposition to the metric system, the proximity to US and the trade Canada does with the US.

No, it's priced by liters. Canada uses the Metric System.

Canada uses Imperial Gallon

Canada overcame the strong influence of the nearby USA, and begantheir conversion to the metric system several years ago.The number of countries that officially use the 'old imperial' or 'customary'system of weights and measures, and their names, are easy to remember.There are now exactly three of them: Liberia, Burma, and the USA.An exclusive club if there ever was one.

Canada uses the Imperial gallon.

The nation of Canada switched from the Imperial system to the metric system of measurements in the mid-1970's. The metric system is a decimal system of measurement, which uses meters and kilograms.

the imperial system. Wasn't it the communist system?? :-)

Neither. Canada uses the metric system, so their fluids would be measured in liters.

The Imperial System is the most dominant in Engand. However, Europe uses the metric system.

Three countries in the world use the English Measurement System; Liberia, Myanmar and the U.S.A. The United Kingdom still uses the Imperial system for some of their measurements. They still have Miles on their road signs. Still sell their beer and milk by the pint. A large majority of the population use the Imperial system. But Metric is used commercially.

The system the uses feet, pounds, and gallons is commonly referred to as the Imperial System.

The Metric System of Measurement uses the units of grams and meters and the prefixes of centi, kilo, and milli for magnitude orders. The Imperial System of Measurement or The British Imperial uses the measuring units of inches, feet, miles,Êand pounds.

What is the system of measurement that uses inch, foot and yard?

Yes, Canada uses the Metric System.

Distance measurement in terms of motoring is still done under the imperial system in the UK and uses Miles, yards and Feet.

The metric system of measurement uses millilitres and litres to measure volume. The imperial system uses pints and gallons.

Yes. Iceland only uses the metric system and the imperial system is not widely known or accepted.

The metric system is easier to learn and use, while the imperial system uses somewhat arbitrary numbers, such as 32 degrees for the freezing point of water. Which one you consider better all comes down to personal preference. It should be noted, however, that the United States is now the only country in the world still using the imperial measurement system.

Myanmar formerly known as Burma uses the imperial system of measurement. It used to be a British colony and has not yet adopted the metric system.

The general public still uses the outdated Imperial system: inch, foot, yard, furlong, mile. Most of the other measures of distance are no longer in regular use.

A word used to describe the inch-pound system is the 'Imperial' system. The Imperial or British measurement system uses the inch and foot as a measure of length, and pounds as a measure for weight. This is different than the metric system that uses the meter and kilogram to measure length and weight, respectively.

It is called the English system. America is the only major country that uses it. Everyone else uses the Metric System. Meters Litres ...etc

Canada uses liters, just like every other country on Earth except Liberia, Myanmar, and the US.

Canada uses the metric system

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