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Outfielder Ruben Rivera was the player who stole Derek Jeter's glove in 2002, and was quickly released for his actions.

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Did Derek Jeter steal five bases in the World Series?

No. Derek Jeter stole four bases in World Series play. He stole one in 1996 and three in 1999.

How did Jackie Robinson get his first glove?

He stole it along with my grammothers tv

What players stole home in 2009?

Jason Werth, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez ,and so on!

Who stole the most bases for the New York Yankees in 2009?

The Yankee leader in stolen bases for the 2009 season was Derek Jeter with 30.

What is the second reference to baseball in the bible?

eve stole first

How many stolen bases does Derek Jeter need to become the all-time leader for the New York Yankees?

On May 28, 2011, Derek Jeter stole his 327th base, becoming the Yankees all-time leader.

What baseball team was Ricky Henderson playing for when he stole over 800 bases?

Ricky Henderson stole 867 bases when he played for the Oakland Athletics.

Was Nomar Garciaparra better than Derek Jeter?

Yes he was for about 5 years. He had more power, Nomar hit 35 homers, Jeter only hit 24; same speed, Nomar could've stole more bases if he didn't get injured; better contact, he hit .372 avg.; he had amazing diving catching ability, should've had tons of Gold Glove Awards.

Why did the police chase the baseball player off the field?

because they stole a base

Where is baseball mentioned in the Bible?

In Genesis "In the big inning" And of course, Eve stole first, Adam stole second. Cain struck out Abel, and the Prodigal Son came home.

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He stole the bananas from my stall.I will find the culprit who stole from me.

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i stole your ponyThe government stole your pony

What part of speech is stole in stole a glance?

Stole is a verb.

What baseball team in the 1800 received their name when they stole a player from a rival team?

Pittsburgh Pirates

How do you spell stole?


What nicknames did Stole Arandjelovic go by?

Stole Arandjelovic went by Stole.

Last time someone stole homeplate in baseball?

Tonight, Ellsbury of the Red Sox vs. the Yankees

How many people have stole home in baseball?

One was Jacoby Ellsbury of the Red Sox against the Yankees.

Who stole the cookie jar?

joe stole it.

Why is the Pittsburgh baseball team called the pirates?

They stole a player from another team. Were labeled pirates for stealing player

What Major League baseball player stole the most bases in his baseball career?

Rickey Henderson, with 1,406, shattering the old record of 938 set by Lou Brock

How can you Liar?

YOU can lie by if you had stole something it wasn't yours & the person you stole from was telling the teacher that you stole something & you answer "NO".

How do use the word stole in a sentence?

I stole your bread.

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He stole the money from his Parents.

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Stole only has one syllable.