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Who stole Kane's mask?


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Go to YouTube and search Kane takes his mask off. You will see that Kane took it off when he was in the ring with Rob Van Dam and Kane chokeslams him.

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It was Rey Mysterios Mask not kanes you know nothing about RAW!!! his mask you updated this answer after it was revealed so you cant talk and everybody was fooled.

Kane's mask looks like red with black flames.

no one he just had to do it if he lost a match and yes my favorite wrestler is Kane

makeup around his eyes to blend in with his mask.

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In the original Halloween he stole it from a hardware store, in the 2007 remake the mask belonged his sisters boyfriend.

kanes best freind is his mom

the match in which kane had to remove his mask! Sorry the mask would have still came off even if the match had never happened. It was Kanes decision to remove the mask as he was tired of wearing, it those masks get hot under the lights.

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Cause Kane whipped his ace and stole it and he was jealous that reys mask was more comfortable then his old one ha ha( in storyline) hopefully Kane puts his mask back on.

There is only one. It's just that before he used to wear a mask, wig and a one shouldered overall. Now, he is bald and just wears pants.

no it's a wig. in 2003 when he took off his mask it was a wig as well. but I think when Kane made his debut his hair was real back then

Benjamin Kanes was born on March 25, 1977, in Haverford, Pennsylvania, USA.

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