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Franklin d roosevelt stoppd the great depression

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Q: Who stoped the great depression?
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To what extent were World war 1 and the Great Depression still a factor?

== == up to the 1919 because of the T.O.V which stoped the ww1 and the great depression started in 1929 and countinued fo about ten years. and it affected millions of people wordwide.

What effect did automation have on the Great Depression?

What did the Great Depression effect? What was the effect of the Great Depression?

What is the historical significance of The Great Depression?

what is the significance of the great depression what is the significance of the great depression

What book was written about the Great Depression?

Some of the best selling novels about the great depression include The Great Depression, America, The Worst Hard Time, and America's Great Depression.

How are Isolationism and the Great Depression related?

Isolationism is a CONSEQUENCE of the great depression. After the Great depression many Nations focused on internal affairs.

When was the Great Depression resolved?

the great depression was resolved 1939

Who was part of the great depression?

Everybody during the great depression.

Is there going to be great depression 3?

There has only been one Great Depression.

What were the 6 main causes of the Great Depression?

the great depression

Which of these rose during the great depression?

Migration rose during the Great Depression.

How is Depression Characterized?

the great depression was characterized by

What crashed in October of 1929 that was a major cause of the Great Depression?

The Stock Market Crash of 1929 was not a cause of the Great Depression but it signaled the beginning of the Great Depression.

How should you end your Great Depression story?

How about "And that was my story on the great depression."

Does the Bible talk about the great depression?

No. There is no mention of the great depression in the Bible.

Was the Great Depression after slavery?

Yes, the Great Depression was in the 1930's.

How long did the great depression?

how long was the Great Depression?

Years of the great depression?

The Great Depression lasted from 1929-1939.

How does hooverville relate to the Great Depression?

It happenes during the Great Depression.

How do you use the phrase The Great Depression in a sentence?

The Great Depression was a horrible time in history.

How did the Great Depression affect Belize?

how did the great depression affected Belize

What came first Great Depression or world war you?

great depression

Where did the Great Depression effect?

The Great Depression had an effect on many people. Over 12 million were unemployed. The stock market crash was the main reason for the Great Depression. Agriculture and farming were another important factor. The Great Depression last for at least a decade.The Great Depression affected people everywhere.

Where was The Great Depression located?

The Great Depression was In The USA, canada, France, Germany and the Great Britain.

Famous moives of the Great depression?

my but was 1 of the most famous moives in the great depression. have sex is another famous moivie during the great depression.

Great Depression a-z?

Great depression A-Z is a detailed analysis of some types of depression and their possible medication.