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The soldiers of Brigadier General Robert Toombs' Georgia brigade on the heights overlooking the Antietam and artillery batteries firing from Cemetery Hill held up the advance of Burnside's troops. Toombs counted some 450 men in his ranks and they faced 14,000 Yankees. The fighting in other areas of the field had played out and this delaying action allowed Robert E. Lee to shift his forces to meet the new threat. Burnside was also helping the Confederate cause by taking so long to get his divisions resupplied with ammunition that it was nearly 3 o'clock in the afternoon before they were across the creek and ready to attack the right of Lee's line. The Lower Bridge at Antietam would now be called "Burnside's Bridge".

Sources: Landscape Turned Red, Sears, Stephen W. 1983

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Q: Who stopped Burnside's advance at the Battle of Antietam?
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