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Who supported the Vietnam war?


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Red China/USSR supported the North, US supported the South.


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The Democratic Repulic of Vietnam and the US-supported Repulic of Vietnam.

they supported the non communist country of south Vietnam

The Vietnam war is also called the Second Indochina War. The war was fought by between North Vietnam who were supported by China and Soviet Union and South Vietnam which was supported by the United States.

The United States Supported South Vietnam.

China supported Communistic Northern Vietnam in the Vietnam War.

The UN supported the Korean War, but did NOT support the Vietnam War.

North Vietnam (supported lightly by China and the Soviet Union) won the war against South Vietnam supported directly by the U.S. (America basically fought the war for South Vietnam).

Most US leaders supported the war, midway the same leaders opposed the war.

The Vietnam War was the only time that the communists defeated an American supported free nation (South Vietnam).

They were politicians who supported the aggressive conduct of the war.

Most Americans were opposed to the Vietnam war by 1967. In the beginning most Americans supported going to war with Vietnam.

During the Vietnam War the Hawks supported the war. On the other side was the Doves. These were the people who did not support the war.

There were drafted hippies in the infantry in Vietnam; they were good men.

During the Vietnam War, the United States supported South Vietnam. This was an attempt to prevent communism from spreading from North Vietnam.

Soviet Union, China, Czechoslovakia, Cuba, and Bulgaria.

The communist superpowers supported the north with war material. The US supported the south with men & material. Reason: Cold War.

The people who supported the Vietnam War were commonly knowns as hawks.

Some people supported the Vietnam War because they supported America's resolve not let communism spread. The Cold War policy of America was still in effect during this time.

South Vietnam, supported by the United States, Korea, and Australia's military.

Those that didn't have to fight it.

Hawks supported the war effort and doves wanted America out of the war.

If you're referring to the Vietnam War, then the war was mainly fought between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. North Vietnam was communist, and was supported by the Soviet Union, China, and Cuba. South Vietnam was capitalist, and was supported by the United States, Australia, the Philippines, and South Korea. Vietnam was also invaded and conquered, then colonized, by France in the 1800s.

The counter-culture was a group of people who supported anti-war demostrations, including the Vietnam war :)

US/Australia/New Zealand/Thailand/South Korea/Philippines supported South VN; Red China/USSR supported North VN.

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