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Adolf Hitler, Nazi Party, SS, German Army, Germain citizens and the Gestapo.

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What Eastern European Nations actively supported the Holocaust?

The Holocaust was actively supported by Romania and the puppet states of Croatia and Slovakia.

Which Germans supported the holocaust?

hitlar, narzis

What is the relationship between Fascism and Holocaust?

nothing really, you could say that Nazism was supported [in the early years] by the Fascists. But the Fascist states did not support what the Nazis were doing in the Holocaust.

What is the connection between fascism and the Holocaust?

Nothing, fascism is a word used to describe the system of government of Italy and a arguably Spain. The Holocaust was perpetrated by (mainly) the Germans and not supported by the Italians.

What did it mean When The National Socialis receives a certain percent of vote during the Holocaust?

That the people supported what the Nazis were doing to the Jews

Why can nazi leaders be to blame?

1. They where members of the nsdap. 2. they all supported the holocaust 3. they are partly responsible for the death of millions

Why was Hitler elected even though he was responsible for the Holocaust?

When people supported him, they didn't know about the holocaust. They thought that he was a strong leader that was going to pull their country out of a slump. I'm not saying that everyone who supported him gets a free pass on not knowing what he would do. Just saying that no one elected him with a full knowledge that he was planning on killing millions of people.

King of Denmark during the Holocaust?

Christian X was king of Denmark during the holocaust. Although Denmark had a relatively low population of Jews, the government and citizen strongly supported them. Despite the Germans push in Denmark, the Danes were able to successfully save a vast majority of Denmark's Jewish population.

What was the date of the Jews Holocaust?

there is no 'jews holocaust' look for the dates of the Holocaust

Photos of the holocaust?

There are many photos of the Holocaust. You can google Holocaust and click on "images" to find pictures of the Holocaust.

What was Hitler's view on the Holocaust?

He approved of the Holocaust and was the one who made the Holocaust happen.

What is Holocaust remembrance?

To remember the Holocaust.

Is kristallnacht the Holocaust?

no, but it was on the road to the Holocaust.

Who the holocaust is?

The Holocaust is a concept not a person.

Did holocaust have families?

Holocaust was not a person

When did the holocaust begin?


When were Holocaust victims saved?

Generally they would have been saved during the Holocaust, assuming that you are asking when Holocaust victims were saved from the Holocaust.

Why is the Holocaust recalled with such horror?

The Holocaust was horrific ... Google "Holocaust Pictures" and see for your self.

Why is the Holocaust in capitals?

Holocaust is capatalized because it is a major event in history. It is a title, The Holocaust.

What is one aspect of the holocaust?

One aspect of the Holocaust is murder, there was a lot of killing in the Holocaust.

Who took the footage the holocaust?

There is little footage of the Holocaust itself, the series 'Holocaust' was a dramatisation.

Why did the holocaust die in the holocaust?

That's a lie, I just did a research paper on it. 6 million people died in the Holocaust.

Is the Holocaust over or is it in hiding?

The Holocaust is over

Where did the Holocaust starteded?

The Holocaust started in Europe.

What did the voters do in the Holocaust?

There were no elections in Germany in the Holocaust.