Who takes for writing the first valentine gift?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Who takes for writing the first valentine gift?
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Do you have to give your boyfriend gift on the first valentine day?

to show him that you love him

If you already bought a gift for your girlfriend for Valentine's Day and she just told you she wants to take a 'break' should you still give it to her?

Only if this is not your first valentine with her.

What to do if she refuses the valentine gift?

kill her

What should be a unique valentine gift?

Well I think a unique valentine gift will be something which is not chocolates, teddy bears or just regular valentine cards, it should be something from the heart.

What is a Valentine's gift that starts with a?

A Valentine's gift starting with A will depend on what the recipient likes. For example, for a teacher, an apple might be cute idea.

What do you do when you dont have a valentine on Valentine's Day?

give gift to your mom,dad or sister

What to give your dad as a valentine's gift?


What is the most popular valentine's gift?


Is it ok to present valentine gift to a special friend Same sex?

Yes, it is ok to present a Valentine gift to a special friend of the same sex. Valentine's day is a day to show love for everyone you love.

Valentine's gift not flowers or chocolates?

Stuffed Animal

Why is candy a common gift for Valentine's Day?


Which chocolate set is the perfect gift for Valentine's Day?

The chocolate set that is the perfect gift for Valentine's Day is Dove or Godiva. You can purchase this chocolate online from retailers such as Amazon.