Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Who taught Mozart to play the piano?

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Mozart taught himself but had a little help from mother and father

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His father, Leopold Mozart, taught him, although he probably taught himself quite a bit. He learned to play the clavier when he was an infant.

Mozart was a composer, but an accomplished musician too. His father taught him to play the piano.

Leopold Mozart was Wolfgang Mozart's father. He taught Wolfgang Mozart how to play the piano and was also a composer and violinist.

Mozart played the clavier

he was instructed by his father who was Leopold Mozart, who was deputy Kapellmeister to the court orchestra of the Archbishop of Salzburg when he was very young.

Mozart played the piano and the violin.

no one did she taught her self how to,play the piano and the violin/viola!

Mozart was famous for plying the piano and the violin. Those to musical instruments were taught to him by his father, Leopold Mozart.

Mozart played piano and violin when he was a boy.

An instrument that Mozart was able to play was the piano. Mozart also played the violin, the viola, and the harpsichord.

Mozart started to play the piano at the age of 7-8 years old but I'm not sure. P.S Beethoven was inspired by him.

at the age four Mozart composed music.

Mozart played the piano At the age of only 3 :O

clavier,violin,orogan,and piano

Violin and pianoforte (piano).

i know he played the piano and the violin.

Yes. His father was Leopold Mozart and he was a composer himself. Mozart began playing when his father began teaching his sister how to play the piano. Both he and his sister were good at the piano.

she taught herself how to play the piano when she was four years old!

His father play Violin and Mozart play Violin and Piano.

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