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Q: Who thinks alamela from Australia's next top model is awesome?
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Who won australias next top model 2009?


Why is Sandra Cisneros a good role model?

because she is awesome

Why do people like Victoria?

Because she is an awesome role model

Why do people like Victoria Justice?

Because she is an awesome role model

Who Breona Berry?

Breona is cool she'll be a awesome model> her

Is Taylor Swift model?

No....she's just an awesome country singer :]

What is the harrington and richardson model 923?

not sure, but I thinks it's a 22 cal...............

What is the name for concepts that describe how someone thinks about something in the natural world?

It is an idea model

What does it mean to be a member of the national junior honor society?

to be a: role model awesome person etc.

When would a conceptual model be used?

A student thinks of bouncing balls as representing gas molecules.

What are the release dates for America's Next Top Model - 2003 The Girl Who Everyone Thinks Is a Backstabber 3-3?

America's Next Top Model - 2003 The Girl Who Everyone Thinks Is a Backstabber 3-3 was released on: USA: 6 October 2004

Who is the blonde model in the 2008 guess advertising campaign?

She is the awesome Franziska Frank

Who does Dr Lillian Schwartz think posed for The Mona Lisa?

She thinks Leonardo DaVinci himself was the model.

Who won Charm School?


How far did a gallon of gas take you in the model t?

a long ways because you had to push it wherever you went. it was awesome

Why is miley cyrus bad?

because she thinks she's cool but really she's a bad role model and a wannabe

46 incredible fruit of the loom ad model?

I don't know, but my whole office thinks she's hott

Why does a girl want to look like a model?

It gives her confidence. Modeling gives them the idea that they will become more popular. Even is everyone says that she is pretty, she might get tired at those comments, and see what the real world thinks, or she thinks that she has a big chance at being a model. *(this is coming from a girl)*

You are a big fan of Miley Cyrus?

yes. She is a great role model, she is a awesome actress, awesome singer, funny, and is not trying to be someone else she isn't. GO MILEY!!!!! Yessssss! I am a biiig Miley fannn !

What is a good school science project for grade 6?

a model of the heart or lungs. If you are thinking chemistry, do elephant toothpaste. It is awesome.

What is a fit model?

By what a lot of what Hollywood thinks: 5'10" 105 lbs 28-14-18 and looks like a skeleton

Which is an example of a scientist using a conceptual model to describe an atom?

The scientist thinks of the atom as being like a solar system.

Are hobbies good?

Yes hobbies are awesome, and fun. Like where I walk my dog there is a big hill and there is a model airplane group who meets there and fly their air planes and they say that once you find the hobby you like you will have an awesome time.

How do you find a clip for a Stevens Model 258a 20-gauge single-barrel shotgun?

I have this model gun however i know very little about it. EBAY is an awesome parts site

Are there any other contest like project runway had for the 501 jean contest?

Americas next top model! i luv it :) its awesome