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Who to blame for abortions?


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July 06, 2012 8:27AM

The wording of the question being asked seems to be asking from a possible Pro-Life perspective.

If you are asking, who is to blame in popularizing abortions and making them a part of daily life- then the answer would be several groups/laws. Roe vs Wade made it legal to have abortions in the U.S. Often, it is portrayed in media, education and modern society to be normal. It is the general, mainstream belief of the age.

If you are asking, who is to blame in individual's abortions? Same answer for the other- it is the current mainstream acceptance that influences most abortions.


No it's not the mainstream acceptance. Abortions takes place whether it's legal or not and in the same capacity too. We know that from looking at countries where it is illegal. It's just that people can talk about it more freely when it is legal. No one has an abortion just because it's legal. They have it because they desperately do not want to have a child whether they would keep it or not. Simply, they want to avoid birth.

So who is to blame? It's always the woman's choice to have one but the man who put the unwanted pregnancy in her would have to share the blame. Only get pregnant with someone who wants it. Blame also implies it is the wrong thing to do but that is different for each person.