Who today could be compared to the founding fathers including women?

Some people that could be compared to a founding father are people who are very responsible, intelligent, are great leaders, and carry great ideas and principles. Some of these people are: Bill Gates, Connie Rice, Rush Limbaugh, George W. Bush, and General Schwartzkoff(a general in the gulf war) Some other great leaders or founding fathers that have passes recently are Martin Luther King Jr. and Ronald Reagan. We've drifted so far from the revolutionary spirit of that day, and government has grown so oppressively large, that nobody really comes to mind today who can compare with the Founders. Among prominent politicians, the only person who comes to mind is Ronald Reagan for his faith in the people and his small-r republican spirit. But even he presided over a government that the Founders would consider enormous. Among lesser-known figures, maybe Texas congressman Ron Paul. Among women? Ayn Rand, perhaps, though her anti-religion zeal wouldn't sit well with the Founders. The Libertarian Party as a whole captures the Founders' spirit fairly well, too, but not completely. In any event, the Founders would surely find our current and former president to be disgraces of the highest order.