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Who took prayer out of school?

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No one. Google the "Free Exercise Clause" of the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

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Why is prayer in school such a big deal?

It means that the school is a Christian school, and that prayer is part of the curriculum of the school. In point of fact it is the most important of all the teachings of the school. Whatever else you learn in school it will not get you to heaven, prayer on the other hand will certainly help you along the way.

Is it legal to have school prayer?

No. Not in public school at least.

What does organized prayer in public school violate?

Organized prayer in public school violates the First Amendment Establishment Clause.

How has school prayer affected schools in America?

Prayer isn't allowed in schools.

What are some books on prayer?

E. M. Bounds on Prayer With Christ In The School of Prayer by Andrew Murray The Ministry Of Intercessory Prayer by Andrew Murray

What is a mosque school for Muslims?

for prayer

When was prayer taken out of school?

In 1963, Madalyn Murray O'Hair won a lawsuit against the Baltimore School System, which voted in her favor 8-1 to ban school prayer and label it "unconstitutional". Though not all prayer was immediately banned from schools at that time, through a process of time, almost all school prayer is banned today.

Who took Caillou to school with them?

Caillou's mom first took him to school. Caillou's mom first took him to school.

Was Liberal People's against prayer in schools?

yes liberals are against prayer in school and conservatives are for it

What are the statistics of violence before and after prayer was taken out of schools?

I have a debate on prayer in school. For or against. So I needed to know if possible, the statistics, about violence before and after prayer was taken out of school. Go Here: These graphs show different statistical information based on the affects from prayer being banned out of school.

Should there be a prayer in a public school?

Anyone can pray Silently at anytime or anyplace and they will be heard by God. No, there should no be a spoken prayer in public school, because any spoken prayer would probably offend someone.

What was prayer said by Neil Armstrong as he landed on the moon?

Neil Armstrong did say a prayer. Buzz Aldrin took communion shortly after landing.

Prayer in school violates what clause?

Private prayer in school is allowed under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Institutional prayer is forbidden under the same amendment--freedom of religion is to be respected, and there should be no governmental establishment of religion.

By whom was prayer was taken out of school?

prayer was not taken out of school, please pray in school as much as you feel necessary while people may try they can never take away your right to talk to our Creator

The debate about prayer in school is a debate about?

the First Amendment

Who wanted to take Prayer out of school?

A lot of people did and do.

Can boy Jews pray at school?

Yes. Anyone in the world (Jewish or not) can engage in silent prayer anywhere. Public prayer is limited by school rules and local law.

What are the release dates for School Prayer A Community at War - 1999 TV?

School Prayer A Community at War - 1999 TV was released on: USA: July 1999

What on are the court ruiling on prayer in school?

the court ruled that the law's reference to prayer made it an unconstitutional endorsement of religion

What is the motto of Westbrook Hay School?

The motto of Westbrook Hay School is 'prayer and work'.

Why is prayer not allowed in some schools?

It is most likely that the headmaster of some schools considers that time spent in prayer would be better spent in learning something. A school is a school not a church. There used to be prayer in school, but then this whole "Politically Correct" thing came along and now you can't pray in school because you might offend someone else ofa different religion. plus the school could get sued for teaching children of a different religion about Christianity and prayer.

Can you get examples of opening prayer for a school class please?

It is illegal under the establishment clause of the First Amendment for any employee of a public school to lead students in or require students to pray. Do not open your school class with a prayer.

Muslim crier who took to prayer each morning?

A muezzin calls the faithful to prayer 5 times each day.MuezzinA Muezzin is a man chosen at the mosque to call for the prayer five times a day.

Does The Bill of Rights explicitly prohibit prayer in public schools?

No. Nothing in the Constitution prohibits prayer in any location. The Bill of Rights just states that people have the right of religion without the state interfering. The idea that schools don't allow prayer is bunk. A student can pray if they wish and can have a religious club on campus, but the school can't do a morning prayer over the intercom system. The problem is whose prayer would they do? If we are to respect all and allow all their religion then school having a morning prayer would be against the constitution and others rights. Someone out of the many hundreds of students in a school would have their rights "stepped on" with a prayer done by the school.

What does official school prayer go against?

The establishment clause