Who took prayer out of school?

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No one. Google the "Free Exercise Clause" of the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

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Q: Who took prayer out of school?
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Is it legal to have school prayer?

No. Not in public school at least.

Why is prayer in school such a big deal?

It means that the school is a Christian school, and that prayer is part of the curriculum of the school. In point of fact it is the most important of all the teachings of the school. Whatever else you learn in school it will not get you to heaven, prayer on the other hand will certainly help you along the way.

What is a mosque school for Muslims?

for prayer

How has school prayer affected schools in America?

Prayer isn't allowed in schools.

What does organized prayer in public school violate?

Organized prayer in public school violates the First Amendment Establishment Clause.

What happened to the lady that took prayer out of schools?

Madelyn Murray OHare ... was murdered along with 2 other relatives. YouTube has a story under Forensic Files. More details given in the video.

Who took Caillou to school with them?

Caillou's mom first took him to school. Caillou's mom first took him to school.

When was prayer taken out of school?

In 1963, Madalyn Murray O'Hair won a lawsuit against the Baltimore School System, which voted in her favor 8-1 to ban school prayer and label it "unconstitutional". Though not all prayer was immediately banned from schools at that time, through a process of time, almost all school prayer is banned today.

Was Liberal People's against prayer in schools?

yes liberals are against prayer in school and conservatives are for it

Should there be a prayer in a public school?

Anyone can pray Silently at anytime or anyplace and they will be heard by God. No, there should no be a spoken prayer in public school, because any spoken prayer would probably offend someone.

What are the statistics of violence before and after prayer was taken out of schools?

I have a debate on prayer in school. For or against. So I needed to know if possible, the statistics, about violence before and after prayer was taken out of school. Go Here: These graphs show different statistical information based on the affects from prayer being banned out of school.

What are the release dates for School Prayer A Community at War - 1999 TV?

School Prayer A Community at War - 1999 TV was released on: USA: July 1999

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