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Who took the picture of the man on the moon?

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Many people don't know, but the first footage of a man on the moon ( Neil Armstrong) was taken by the camera on the side of the lunar module Eagle. This was able to be deployed by Armstrong just before exiting. After that, Armstrong photographed Aldrin, the second man on the moon with a hand-held camera. There were also five other missions where the same methods were used to photograph a total of twelve astronauts on the moon's surface.

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space craft that took the first man to the moon?

Saturn V Rocket

Is the sentence this is the man who I took a picture of grammatically correct?

No, it should be "This is the man of whom I took a picture." Today, in casual language, grammarians are generally flexible about the rule saying you can't end sentences with prepositions, so "This is the man whom I took a picture of" would be okay for informal speech. ****** Informally, you could also simply say, "This is the man I took a picture of."

Who took the picture of the first man to walk on the moon?

it was a camera attached to the side of the lander. buzz Aldrin and niel Armstrong took lots of pictures when they were both on the surface -

Name of the first rocket which took man to the moon?

Point out the name of the first rocket which took man to moon who make astroids on these mission

Picture of the Neil Armstrong landed on the moon?

There were picture of neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin walking on the moon. They took pictures of themselves like tourists.

What year was the first man on the moon?

1969 is when the first man on the moon Neil Armstrong took man's first steps on the moon.

Who took the picture of Neil Armstrong first step on the moon?

Buzz Aldrin .

Who stepped on the moon after neil Armstrong?

Buzz Aldrin was the second person to walk on the moon.Neil Armstrong took his picture

Why is the US the only country to put man on the moon?

It took a great deal of money and man effort to put a man on the moon and to bring him back.

Who was the first man who took a step on the moon?

Neil Armstrong

Which is the first rocket and the first man who went to the moon?

The first man to put foot on the moon was Neil Armstrong followed shortly by Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin. The rocket that took them into Earth orbit was a Saturn V (five). The spacecraft that took them to the moon and into orbit around it was an Apollo and the spacecraft that took them from moon orbit to the surface of the moon was a Lunar Module.

Can you get to the moon?

If I had 400,000 people helping me, I could. That's how many it took to build the Saturn V rocket and Apollo hardware that took man to the moon.

What is a real picture from the first man on the moon worth?

45 million pounds

Who owned the land where the battle of Gettysburg took place?

The man in the moon

What was the name of the rocket that took the first man to the moon?

Apollo 11

Who took the video when the first man landed on the moon?

There was a fixed camera .

What type of sentence is this The old man took out a beautiful picture of a woman?


What was special about Apollo 8?

It was the first time Man left Earth orbit. This mission went around the Moon and took the greatest picture of all time,The globe of the Earth floating in space.

What is the total amount of thrust produced by the rocket that took the man to the moon?


Who took the picture of neil Armstrong saluting the American flag on the moon?

The picture I think you are referring to is of Buzz Aldrin. Neil Armstrong took the photo and also most of the ones taken on the Apollo 11 moon landing. He did not directly appear in any still photographs while on the surface.

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What Apollo mission took the first man to the moon?

The Apollo 11 mission was the first manned mission to land on the Moon.

Was Neil Armstrong scared to walk on the moon?

No not at all , he went on the surface of the moon , and took those bold steps for man.

What major space event took place on July 20 1969?

man on the moon

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