Who trained the knights?

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Knights (the real ones - not the ones in fantasy novels) used a system of apprenticeship just like tradesmen and artisans.

A young man or boy would act as a 'page' and later a 'squire' after he was selected by the knight or assigned to him by his order. The young man usually had to be of noble birth.

As a page he would do more more menial jobs say around the castle of his Knight or Lord , and then as a squire became a personal attendant. A squire would act like a servant, but would also be given training in knightly ways over a period of time.

He was his knight's assistant and the only one allowed to help the knight. He was responsible for taking care of the knight's armor and weapons. He looked after the knight's horses. He was responsible for dressing the knight for battles and tournaments; and for undressing him. He followed his knight to battle, minding his knight's mounts and weapons, and even helping him from the field if he was injured or unhorsed.

Squires would also train with other squires - Archery, swordsmanship, fighting Wrestling etc.

Once the knight felt that his squire was ready, he would prepare him to be tested by his order. A successful squire was knighted at about 21 years of age.

The special ceremony started the night before when he confessed his sins to a priest. Then robed in plain garments he would guard his arms all night before the altar of the church (a vigil in the chapel). The following morning after mass and communion, he received the accolade of knighthood. He would be dressed in symbolically colored clothes: red (for his blood); white (for purity), and brown (for the earth where he would return when he died). Guilded spurs were attached to his ankles and he was "girded" with a sword. The dubbing of a knight was originally done with a blow by the hand to the neck, by the squire's knight or even the king. Later this blow was replace by a tap on each shoulder with a sword. He would be given gifts, such as a sword and spurs. Normally a celebration followed.

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Q: Who trained the knights?
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What did knights do when there was no war?

they trained

What are knights?

trained soilders.

How did they train knights in the middle ages?

I think they trained there knights by jousting

How did knights treat women?

Knights treated woman with respect and honor as they were trained to.

How were European knights educated?

I believe knights were only trained to defend their lord.

What did knights train for?

knights were trained to go on quests or to protect someone or something

Knights in the Middle Ages?

In the Middle Ages, knights were noblemen or warriors. Knights began their training at an early age and the were trained with the Code of Chivalry.

What are knights in the Medieval Times?

Sons of lords or knights, trained from young age to become elite soldiers.

How do knights trained for there jobs?

they begin as a page, then went through physical training

How were medieval knights trained?

Good Question and onto the question they were trained by targets and competitions before they went on to war

How long yoda training Jedi knights?

Ever since he was 100 years old and he trained Jedi Knights for 800 years

What was the knights pages job?

A page was akin to a houseboy who was trained to dress the Knight and care for his personal items as well as being trained in religion, hawking, manners, and learned combat with toy weapons. A squire was akin to a travel/war camp boy who was trained in dressing the Knight for battle and caring for the Knights weaponry as well as being trained to fight with real weapons. A page trained to become a squire. Then a squire trained to become a knight.

What were all nobles trained to be?

Most nobles were trained to be knights in much of the Middle Ages. There were a few who were not, and Peter Abelard is a well known exception.

Did the knights have power in the middle ages?

yes they were considered high up in rank in a kings army. they took on an "apprentice" and trained them to be knights when they grew up.

What did knights and samurai do when faced with difficult odds?

Ancient knights and Japanese samurais were trained to fight against difficult circumstances. They were willing to die for the cause for which they were fighting.

Who trained the page in medieval times?

A page was a boy in the first stage of training to be a knight, the next stage being squire. Pages were trained by the knights to whom they were apprenticed, and their squires.

Did knights practice fighting and ordeals?

Did they practice fighting? Yes. They trained as soldiers, and would compete with one another.

Why did knights use arrows?

Knights didn't use arrows or bows; it was seen as a less honorable way of fighting. They just trained or hired some of the poorer fighters, so that the mass troops could do the shooting while the knights themselves got all of the "glory" in close combat.

How long has yoda trained jedi knights?

About 800 years.He says this in either Return of the Jedi or the Empire strikes back.

Who took part in jousting?

Jousting was only open to knights. In order to joust, a knight had to be carefully trained, or he risked being killed in the combat, even though it was a sport. Nearly all the men of the nobility and royalty were trained for this.

What did knights contribute to feudal society?

The knights followed codes of behavior that stressed loyalty to their lords and served examples of virtue to people of lower classes. Each was a member of a specially trained warrior class that provided protection to people in feudal societies.

Who would win achillies or 10 knights?

well achillies was the best but i think if on one 10 knights and on the other side achillies i think achillies would take them all out because he was so well trained and more skilled and better weapons

Why did knights have tournaments and what did they do at them?

They trained for combat. Also if they won they would gain enormous respect from their peers and they also showed off for all of the young lady's that were in attendance.

What kind a soldiers were in William the Conqueror's army?

There were 2000 knights on horses and 5000 foot soldiers. All of them were well trained in war. so around 7000

Did knights have family's?

Of course they had families. To become a knight a boy at 7 was sent by his noble family to another noble to be trained to become a knight. At 21 he became a knight.

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