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Aristotle was his teacher.

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Q: Who tutored Alexander the Great?
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Related questions

How long was Alexander the Great tutored?

he was tutored until the age of 16

Alexander the great was tutored by?


Who was Alexander's tutor when he was young?

when he was young, Alexander the great was tutored by Aristotle.

Who was the great philosopher who tutored Alexander the great?

Aristotle .

Who was the great teacher of Alexander?

Alexander the Great was tutored by Aristotle, the philosopher, in a rural village of Mieza, Macedonia

Who influenced Alexander the great as a child?

Aristotle was his tutor. interestingly Aristotle was tutored by Plato who was in turn tutored by Socrates

Who was the tutor of Alexander?

Aristotle. Alexander was tutored for 3 years at Mieza, Macedonia by the great Philosopher

Who was the man that tutored Alexander the great?

Alexander had many tutors for different subjects but you are no doubt referring to Aristotle the great philosifer/scientist.

Who was Alexander the Great tutors?

Aristotle, who was tutored by Plate, who was tutored by Socrates. Reword your question. I answered the same one with a much longer answer.

Who is Arisotle?

A famous Greek philosopher taught by Plato and tutored Alexander the Great.

Alexander the great was tutored by who?

Many people, but in the arts of science, math, and other such things, he was taught by Aristotle.

Which ancient Greek philosopher was a pupil of Plato tutored Alexander the Great and is considered the Father of Zoology?


What was Alexander the great's education like?

Alexander the Great's education focused on military strategy, history and philosophy. He was tutored by Aristotle, and by the time he took the throne he was skilled on the battle field and had an understanding of philosophy.

Was Alexander the Great tutored by the Greek philosopher Socrates - how do you know?

No - Socrates was dead before Alexander was born. He had many tutors, the main one being Aristotle.

Who was a teacher whose students ruled the world in ancient Greece?

Well the greatest Greek ruler was Alexander the Great and Alexander was tutored by Aristotle until the age of 16.

What famous Greek tutored Alexander?


What was Aristotle recognized for?

lots of things... but the major ones are, he contributed to the scientific method, he wrote the ethics, he tutored Alexander the Great, and he was once a great politician, poet, scientist, and philosopher.

What famous philosopher was a student Plato's?

Aristotle was a student of Plato's. He was also the tutor of Alexander the Great who spent three years in Mieza, Macedonia being tutored by the great philosoper.

What contributions did Aristotle make during the Hellenistic era?

He tutored Alexander the Great in his childhood. The Hellenistic Era began after Alexander's and Aristotle's deaths

Alexander the greats life?

Alexander III of Pella, Macedon, also known as Alexander the Great, was born to a king and his queen. He was tutored by Aristotle in his youth before becoming king and commander to lead a ten year battle plan, taking over as many lands as he could.

Who tutored alexannder the great?


Was Alexander an important Greek philosopher?

Alexander, the conqueror, himself was not a Greek philosopher, but he was one of the best and famous students of a great Greek philosopher, Plato. Alexander's father, King Philip of Macedonia, wanted his son to be tutored by a great teacher and selected Plato for this purpose. Even though Alexander's atrocities the world over cannot be attributed to this great teacher, he certainly did create a great city named Alexandria to celebrate his victories and made the library of this city one of the best in the world in that time, which certainly was a respect to his master.

What were Alexander the greats beliefs?

Alexander the Great was tutored by the great philosopher Aristotle and his beliefs mirrored those of Aristotle, Plato and Socrates. This school of learning taught that truth could be discovered through a system of reasoning and though the gods were still worshiped, they were not the sole source of truths. This system was also critical of democracy and Alexander attempted to turn all of his conquests to the Greek way of thinking through language.

Why did Alexander the Great not deserve the title great?

Alexander probably deserved the title "great" more than any other man with that title. By the time he was 33, he had conquered Greece and most of the rest of the world which was known to Greeks. His personal character showed noble traits by the standards of his age. He was tutored by Aristotle, and his efforts resulted in the spread of Greek culture thought the areas he conquered.

What elementary school did Alexander Graham bell go to?

Alexander Graham Bell was tutored at home by his father until he went to high school He also attended college in Scotland.

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