Who unifed germany?

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Several times during the Gulf War why did the Iraqis offer to withdraw from Kuwait

In July 1997 Britain ended its control of the dependent territory of

What was the world's opinion of France's nuclear testing

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Q: Who unifed germany?
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Who unifed Italy?

Victor Emmanuel II

On what date did Germany join the United Nations?

The Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) and the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) both were admitted as members of the United Nations on 18 September 1973. With the reunification of Germany, the German Democratic Republic stopped being a member on 3 October 1990, and the unifed Germany continued the membership of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Is edge the wrestler still in the hospital?

yes he was out after a unifed tag champs match at night of champions

What two factors would effect the type of unifed command structure?

number of jurisdictions involved number of agencies involved

What is the story about in The Mysterious Mr. Lincoln?

The presedent of United states , He shared in the civir war , Unifed the states and abolished slavery

How did Poland become a country?

Back in the 9th century AD slavic tribes unifed the region.The Piast dynasti came to power .Boleslaw I become the first king of Poland.(1025)

How did Italy finally gain unification?

Giuseppe Garibaldi led the sardinian army to unify the italy.The sardinian kingdom eventually took over all the city states and little republics.Eventually after the they unifed italy the kingdom of italy was born.

Name four cities in Germany?

· Berlin, Germany · Hamburg, Germany · Munich, Germany · Cologne, Germany · Frankfurt, Germany · Stuttgart, Germany · Dusseldorf, Germany · Dortmund, Germany · Essen, Germany · Bremen, Germany

What type of elections do they have in Germany?

Germany Germany Germany germmany germanny Germany

Which five early civilizations invented writing?

Germany, Germany, Germany, Germany, and Germany.

How many students attend schools within the LAUSD in Southern California?

Currently, there are over 662,000 students attending elementary, middle, and high schools in the Los Angeles Unifed School District. The district is the second biggest public school district in the United States.

What towns begin with the letter B in Germany?

· Berlin, Germany · Bielefeld, Germany · Bochum, Germany · Bonn, Germany · Bremen, Germany

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