Who used the first transistor?

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When was the transistor first used in computing?


What are you need for second generation computer science?

in second generation of computer transistor were used transistor are used instead of vaccum tube are used in first generation high level langauges such as gobsl, fortran are used

What is transistor BC557?

it is a transistor used in IR TOGGLE SWITCH. :-)

When was first transistor radio sold?

the first transistor radio came out in 1955 by the company sony

Is Vcc notation used only in a transistor circuit?

Vcc is used in bipolar transistor circuitsVdd is used in field effect transistor circuitsB+ is used in vacuum tube circuits

Why a transistor is used as a amplifier and switch?

transistor has 2 output 1 and 0 so can be used as a switch

Is a transistor a small electronic switch?

A transistor is used to switch electronic signals.

What is the purpose of a transistor?

Based on the application, a transistor can be used as a switch or a signal in a circuit.

What is mean BFW11?

Its a Transistor used in JFET (Junction Field Effect Transistor)

When was the first transistor created?

1947 at Bell Labs. It was a germanium point contact transistor.

How a transistor acts as an amplifier?

A transistor does not act as an amplifier. It is used as a component in an amplifier circuit.

What circumstances led to the invention of the transistor in 1947?

before the invention of transistor,thyristor was used instead of transistor but thyristor produces more heat in the circuit and size is more when compared to transistor

What is darlington configuaration?

A Darlington pair uses two transistors connected to behave as a single transistor with a very high current gain (beta). Transistor-1 has its collector connected to the collector of transistor-2. Transistor-1 has its emitter connected to the base of transistor-2. The base of transistor-1 with the emitter and collector of transistor-2 is used as a single transistor.

What is the relationship between transistor and vacuum tube?

They are both used for similar functions, such as oscillators, amplifiers, and switches. The vacuum tube was invented first, and has therefore been around longer than the transistor.

What transistor is used in VLSI?


What is a cross coupled transistor?

A cross coupled transistor pair are used to increase the gain of the cell.

Can transistor be used to increase the strength of an ac signal?

Yes, a transistor can amplifiy an a.c. signal.

What is a potential divider and what does it do?

it is widely used method for the bising of the transistor i also provides the stablization of a transistor

What are metalloids in transistor radios used for?

The metalloids is combined in transistor radios to make them of high quality.

Can a transistor be used as an amplifier?

A transistor can be used as an amplifier because the electrons in the base are multiplied by a gain factor to give the collector current.

What does SK stands for SK 100 transistor?

In the transistor, first letter denotes the material and the second letter denotes about the type of device. Hence here in sk100 transistor, first letter s denotes that it is a silicon transistor and second letter k denotes that it is a hall effect device.So, sk100 is a hall effect silicon transistor....

Different between power transistor and transistor that used in small signal?

Power transistor can conduct large amount of currents through it, more than small signal transistor. power transistor has a vertical structure and small signal transistor has horizontal structure.In power transistor quasi saturation region is present which is absent in the small signal transistor. In power transistor there is a inculsion of drift layer which is not there in the small signal transistor. Power dissipation is less in power transistor and it is more in small signal transistor. b.v.polytechnic,vasai pushkar vaity.

Why CE transistor is more temperature senstive than CB transistor?

In CE transistor volteage divider biasing is used, which is independent of temperature and other parameters.

When was the first transistor radio invented?


Who is first inventor of the transistor?

albert instien