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Who used the musket?


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If your referring to the "muzzle loading" musket/rifle; the US Army's last offical use of that weapon was the US Civil War. In 1866 the US Army adapted the metallic cartridge 50-70 single shot rifle. Then in 1873, the US Army got rid of the 50-70 and adapted the 45-70 Government cartridge.

Both sides used the musket/rifle in the Civil War. A muzzle loading musket could be either smooth bore or rifled. However, generally speaking, whenever a man used the term "musket", it was usually presumed to be a smooth bored weapon.

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A flintlock musket is one of the first firearms that were used by the english. It was created in the 1500's

The musket was used by foot soldiers in both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.

Deriving directly from the Middle Frenchmousquette, a type of sparrow-hawk, the English wordmusket, coined in the 1580s, is used to describe a firearm for the infantry.

A bayonet is a thrusting weapon placed on the muzzle of a musket or rifle which turns the weapon into a spear.

While not the proper names, the British "Brown Bess" was used by both sides. In addition the French Charleville musket was used by the Americans.

Muskets were flintlocks. Musket is a type of firearm. Flintlock is a type of action, used both on muskets and other types of firearms.

During the revolutionary war the two weapons used were the sword and Musket. The standard musket was the French Charleville in .69 caliber.

Loise and Clark used them but the British made them.

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The musket was the main weapon in the French and Indian War. French Tulle musket, British Brown Bess musket, and an array of frontier Indian weapons were very popular among the Canadian and American Militias, including Tomahawks, knives, and clubs. oh british 12 pdr guns at the Forts and french 16 pdr field guns and mortars. The French and their allies used the Charleville musket. The British and their allies used the Brown Bess musket.

The musket of choice was the .69 Caliber, model 1766 Charleville flintlock musket which represented the State of the Art in military firearms. The US Model 1795 musket was a direct knock-off of the French weapon with production of about 150,000 weapons produced at Springfield and at Harpers Ferry.

The standard arm of the British soldiers was the "Brown Bess" musket. The Americans used a mix of firearms, leaning heavily towards the French version of a very similar musket.

the musket does not have a rifled barrel and a rifle does

George Musket was born in 1583.

George Musket died in 1645.

The Chinese are credited with the invention of the musket. The musket was a later form of a weapon known as the hand cannon.

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The Brown Bess musket with a bayonet attached.

Whitney did not invent the musket, which was brought into India in 1519. Whitney invented mass production and first used it in the rifle industry to build muskets.

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A musket loop is a small window through which a musket can be fired without providing a large opening for the attackers to return fire.

The type of gun used in the civil war was the almost infamous MUSKET!

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