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Who used the term Science Fiction the first time?

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According to the press release at:, the term "Science Fiction" was first used in print by William Wilson in 1851. Hugo Gernsback is more commonly credited with creating the term. He used "scientifiction" in his initial publications in 1926 but this changed to "science fiction" beginning about 1929.

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What in science fiction does jump drive mean?

Jump drive is a common term in science fiction when one is talking about when a distance is covered instantly, without any driving time used whatsoever.

How is the time of science fiction story different from the time of a historical fiction story?

Time isn't different. The difference between science fiction and other fiction is the use of scientific knowledge that we don't have at the present. Steam punk is science fiction set in historical eras.

Is science fiction the same thing as fiction?

Science Fiction is a subcategory of Fiction, meaning all Science Fiction is Fiction, but not all Fiction is Science Fiction.Science Fiction is typically futuristic, though not always, and sometimes involves space travel, time travel, alternate histories, new discoveries and technology, and/or alien lifeforms.

Who won the first Newbery Medal for science fiction?

Madeline L'Engle...A Wrinkle in Time

Is kindred science fiction?

Kindred by Octavia Butler is science fiction. It includes time travel.

What is the difference between speculative and science fiction?

Speculative fiction would be a subset of the more 'umbrella' term Science Fiction.In Speculative fiction you have a "What if" condition. This condition can be realistic or not and the rest of the story has to revolve about it in more strict scientific rigour.For example "What if you had a machine capable of transporting you through time?" In H. G. Wells story 'The Time Machine' this is the only fantastic element. The entire rest of the story adheres to strict reality.As most science fiction can be interpreted as speculative fiction the two term are often mistaken as being the same thing.

Is there such thing as time travel machine?

if you mean time machine then no. It is only science fiction also known as syfy. science fiction is only a theory of scientist. cell phones were only once science fiction.

How is the book timeline science fiction?

Michael Crichton wrote Timeline. It is a story about time travel. Time travel is considered science fiction.

Who is the first time traveler?

There have been no time travellers so far. Time travel is a topic of science fiction; it has not been achieved in reality.

Do time machines have anything to do with science?

It is sort of like science, only it's science fiction.

What are the six elements of science fiction?

Science fiction is fiction that deals with imaginative content. Some elements of science fiction are futuristic settings, space travel, time travel, futuristic science and technology, faster than light travel, parallel universes and extraterrestrial life.

What genre is A Wrinkle in Time?

A Wrinkle in Time is Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Is A Wrinkle in Time fiction or nonfiction?

Fiction! Think of the book as a cookie platter: The batter is Science Fiction The filling is Fantasy

What has the author H Beam Piper written?

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Why does Ray Bradbury write science fiction?

Ray Bradbury spoke at science fiction conventions and library conventions. He said that science fiction was the most important literature of our time because it was the only literature to deal with the problems and solutions created by science and inventions.

Why is technology used is science fiction?

Technology is applied science and invention so it fits perfectly into the science fiction universe. Rockets, blasters, phasers, time travel machines, robots, androids, and computers are all inventions that make it into science fiction novels.

What genre is the Time Machine by HG Wells?

science fiction

What made Science Fiction respectable?

If you think of the top money making movies of all time, about 7 out of 10 are science fiction. Star Trek was not popular on its first run during the moon landing, but syndication made it one of the most successful TV shows of all time. With personal computers and the internet, science and science fiction has become more popular.

What is speculative fiction?

Essentially the English term for Science Fiction based on speculations such as, what if the Nazis won the European war? similar historical alternate realities. Unlike some forms of Science Fiction it must be essentially plausible given an alternate time line. One possibility might be, what if the Kennedy Assasination never happened?

What has the author Kathleen Ann Goonan written?

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What has the author Reginald Bretnor written?

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What is the mistake in this sentence. We are also suckers for special effects and science fiction will have the best time.?

We are also suckers for special effects, and science fiction has the best.

Has there ever been time travel?

No, time travel is, thankfully, only science fiction.

What is the purpose of science fiction?

Entertainment and escapism. Science fiction, or speculative fiction, is a genre of writing that uses known scientific facts and postulates future worlds and technology. The purpose of such fiction is to explore possibilities and dream up new ideas. If there were no science, there would be no science fiction, so the two go hand-in-hand. Many people are exposed to the world of scientific imagination for the first time by reading or watching science fiction!

What is autobiographical science fiction?

Autobiographical science fiction would be the fictional life of a character told from his perspective. Slaughterhouse Five is a autobiographical science fiction novel. It has time travel and aliens as well as Kurt Vonnegut's wartime experiences in the Dresden bombings.