Nuclear Fission

Who uses nuclear fission and nuclear power?


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Nuclear fission refers to the splitting of an atomic nucleus. It occurs naturally and can be induced in order to release energy. Nuclear fission provides the energy released by nuclear weapons as well as the energy used to produce energy at nuclear power plants.


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Wherever there is a nuclear power plant.

No, they rely on fission. Controlled fusion is the holy grail of nuclear power.

The two foremost uses are in nuclear power plants (the energy released by fission is harnessed as a power source) and in nuclear weaponry - bombs, bullets etc.

A nuclear power station is a power plant that uses nuclear fission to heat water that turns turbines to create electricity.

Fission is the splitting of atomic nuclei. Current nuclear power plants use this to produce power.Fusion is the combining of atomic nuclei. The Sun uses this to produce power.

That's really two questions, "What are the uses of Nuclear fission reaction?" and "What are potential uses of nuclear fission?". See the "Related questions" below for answers to each question.

The Sun get it power by nuclear FUSION not by nuclear fission.

One use is in nuclear power plants to produce steam and turn turbines to generate electricity.Nuclear bombs ^.^

Fission is used in nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons.

explosive device that uses nuclear reaction such as fission or a combination of fission and fusion as its destructive force.

Nuclear power is produced through two processes: Nuclear Fission and Nuclear Fusion.

Nuclear fission and nuclear fusion

There is no nuclear power plant in Alaska.

Yes. Nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons both use nuclear fission.

It is a nuclear reactor designed to use nuclear fission to produce electricity or process heat.

1. Nuclear power plants 2. Nuclear weaponsNuclear power plants

Nuclear fission and nuclear fusion

Yes. Nuclear power plants and nuclear powered ships and submarines use controlled fission reactions.

Nuclear power from the fission of uranium and/or plutonium

This power is the nuclear energy from the nuclear fission.

A benifit to using nuclear fission is that produces a lot of electrical energy.

A Nuclear Power Station is facility for producing electricity using Nuclear Power. It uses the principle of "Nuclear Fission" of the radioactive element Like Uranium, plutonium etc by bombardment of "Neutron" on them. Nuclear fission disintegrates the nucleus of a radioactive atom in to two parts, with release of huge amount of heat energy. This energy is used to produce steam & thus power / electricity by turbine principle.

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