Who vishwakarma caste in Tamil actors?

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First Tamil Super Star MK Thyagaraja Bhagavadhar, Santhanam, R Parthiban, SV Subbiah, Brahmanandham, Ajay Devgan, Kadhal Bharath, Actress Sukanya, MN Rajam
Harbhajan Singh, Pragyan Ojha, Current Singapore President Sellappan Ramanathan
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What is Tamil actor Surya's email address?

actor_suriya@yahoo.co.in is the email address of actor suriya.Suriya is the son of the old actor sivakumar and he married actressjyothika.

Who is Tamil actor mgr?

Actor MGR was a mass hero in Tamil film industry during 60's 70's . He was darling of masses. He was born in Kandi in Sri Lanka. He later become a chief minister of Tamilnadu and was unbeaten till his death. He was first actor ever to become a chief minister of state in Democratic India.

Tamil actors address?

Tamil has many actors and actresses who are linked to them. Theyhave not publicly released a address though they can be contactedthrough social media.

Upcoming Tamil actor salary?

Rajini 19+Cr\n \nKamal 15cr \n \nAjith 8.5Cr\n \nVijay 7.5Cr\n \nSurya 6Cr\n \nVikram 5Cr+\n \nBy\n Production centre,Tamil\n \nUpdated on 3/11/09

Which actors from batman cast?

In the last one batman woz chritian bale. Joker woz heath ledger. Harvey dent woz Aaron Eckhart. Michale Canie woz the butler. Morgan Freeman woz lucius fox. Gary oldman woz gordan. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0468569/. ^that site has more

Tamil actor Surya height?

Height of Tamil actor surya is 5'6" Kamal Haasan height is 5'6" Vivek(comedian)-5'6" Nassar-5'6" Prabhu Ganesan-5'7" Anandharaj(actor)-5'7" Jai(actor)-5'7" Santhanam-5'7" Raghava Lawrance-5'7" Bharath-5'7.5" Rajni Kaanth-5'8" Arjun Sarja-5'8" Dhanush-5'8"

What is principal actor casting?

The "principal actor" is the same as "lead actor". This would be an actor who has a major role in the movie versus a supporting actor or an extra. An example would be Johnny Depp as Captan Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean versus Geoffrey Rush as Captain Barbossa.

Can i have Tamil actor Surya's gmail id?

Unless public contact details have been published WikiAnswers will not reveal addresses, telephone numbers or emails of individuals.

Actor with most fans in Tamil nadu?

Fans wise: 1. Super Star "Rajinikanth" 2. Padmashree "Kamalahassan" 3. Ilayathalapathy "Vijay" 4. Ultimate Star "Ajith Kumar" 5. "Surya" 6. "Vikram"

What is Vishwakarma?

Vishwakarma (Sanskrit: Viśvákarma) is the term used in Indiafor a caste of priests, engineers, architects, sculptors, templebuilders and artists. The term is applied to five sub-castes;blacksmiths, carpenters, coppersmiths, goldsmiths and sculptors. In short they were ancient India's Engineer ( Full Answer )

Are vishwakarma belongs to obc cotegory?

Vishwakarma caste used to be carpenters by profession. Hence they come under OBC. Some Vishwakarmas in Agra Mathura area write Sharma as their title, whereas in and around Gwalior region they write Jha. They come under OBC status by law. Although all human beings are equal for all practical purpose ( Full Answer )

Does nakul Tamil actor have a Facebook account?

Hello I m Jareena . I Think that nakul is not in facebook but there are groups related to him. I think 2 groups. I m the administrator of 1 of the groups................

Who are all the gay actors in Tamil?

Actor surya vijay prasanth prakashraj jeeva jithanramesh madhavan silambarasan arjun sreekanth karthisivakumar nanda are confirmed gay actors.

Who is the best actor of Tamil cinema?

Rajnikanth- Thalaivar is the biggest hero of Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam or Kannada..OR even Hindi cinema... Rajnikanth known as Thalaivar by his fans and admirers is a down to earth person and looks forward for humanity... he is a person of good heart and pure mind... and hence he is known as Thalaiv ( Full Answer )

Who is the best actor in Tamil cinema?

The question stated is completely opinion driven. There is no definite answer because poeple's tastes differ. Actor Rajnikanth however is the oldest actor in the field, hence he can be quoted as the best due to his varying performances and movies. He immensely reputed and well known since his career ( Full Answer )

Which category does Vishwakarma caste belong to?

You can't predict the status of Hindu Caste under government reservation, Since the base of Hindus are Vedas. Vishwakarma or Dhiman (also known as Vishwabrahmin or Dhiman Brahmins) Are born Brahmins. Vishwakarma acharya are divided into five gotras (or clans); each Rishi's name is mentioned in ( Full Answer )

What is Tamil actor Surya?

he is a actor that acts in movies in a language called tamil I know I am him

Is ajith Kumar a good Tamil actor?

He is an actor who had good past with sensible movies but more thana decade he lost his reputation due to his health issues. Presentlyhe is being overrated just because of his health disorder,. Withrespect to cinema industry, performance wise he lags from otherstars. He doesn't possess skills other ( Full Answer )

Which caste is majority in Tamil nadu?

No caste is majority. By population order (I added all subcastes into single caste), mutharaiyar(its 29 subcastes)~19% Vanniars form ~20% nadar~6% Kongu Vellalar Gounders form ~8%. Thevars form ~7%. Chettiar (excluding Kannada/Telugu origin), Muthaliars, Pillai (tot~10%). Scheduled Castes like ( Full Answer )

In the cast of glee what are the actors ages?

Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith) - 28 Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) - 23 Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) - 49 Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) - 31 Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff) - 25 Mercedes Jones (Amber Riley) - 24 Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) - 19 Artie Abrams (Kevin McHale) - 21 Tina Cohen-Chang (Jenna Ush ( Full Answer )

Who cast the woman lead role of vasantham tv Tamil serial?

Actress Vijayalakshmi who earlier acted in the 2001 hit film 'Friends' acted as the female lead role in the Sun TV tamil serial 'Vasantham'. Then was replaced by the actress who is now currently acting as the female lead role in the Sun TV tamil serial 'Sontha Bandham'.

Are vishwakarmas brahmins?

They stand high above brahmins and there is no clan on earth to compare with them.

Does Tamil actor karthi with anyone?

Actor Karthi was married on July 3rd to Ranjani in a private ceremony. The marriage was an arranged one. Karthi is now concentrating on tamil films, and is also going to appear in a few telugu films.

Who is the most favourite Tamil actor?

Ultimate Star "Ajith Kumar". He is different from many other actors. He also has about 72,000 fan clubs which is the highest in Tamil Nadu for a single actor.

Which caste does actor Surya belong to?

Actor Surya belongs to Kongu Vellala Gounder caste which isprominent in west Tamil Nadu; His birthplace Coimbatore is themajor city of the west Tamil Nadu. His caste's prominent occupation is agriculture.He is yadav too.

Who are the top 10 actors in Tamil?

1. Rajinkanth 2. Kamalhasan 3. Joseph Vijay 4. Surya 5. Ajith kumar 6. Vikram 7. Dhanush 8. Karthi 9. Simbu 10. Jeeva

Which caste do vishwakarma belong to?

Viswakarma is a caste of priests, engineers, architects, sculptors, temple builders and artists and includes the 5 artisan/artificier groups of Sculptors, Carpenters, Goldsmiths, Blacksmiths and Bronzesmiths. In ancient India they were the builders of Temples, Palaces, Forts, Houses, etc. They were ( Full Answer )

Which caste does actor vijay belongs to?

Vijay belongs to the Thakur caste. The latter also includes many people with the last name Singh. Thakurs are mainly in Goa, as well as across the state of Maharashtra. While once a dominant caste for Rajputs and Hindu royals, the Thakurs now mainly consist of lower and working castes.

Which caste does actor dhanush belong to?

His father and mother belongs to Theni district in tamil nadu. Theybelongs to Paraiyar caste which comes under Scheduled caste in theplace allikulam Theni district.

How old karthi tamil actor?

karthi sivakumar is currently 35 years old. he recently married Ranjani on July 3rd, 2011. He has given power packed performances in Siruthai and Paruthiveeran

Who are the mala caste actors?

Cinema Mala Caste . Johnny Lever (Janumala John Prakasa Rao) - Famous Bollywoodcomedian, born in Usullapalli, H.M Padu (Mandal), PrakasamDistrict, A.P. . Babu Mohan - Comedian during 1990's in Tollywood & Exminister in TDP Government . Betha Sudhakar ("Pichha kottudu sudhakar") - Popular Comedian ( Full Answer )

Is Tamil actor Simbbu gay?

No Simbu is not gay. He's is like Arya, he is just waiting for the right person. BTW, whoever said that Surya was gay, please get your facts right. He is married!

Who is upper caste Nair or Vishwakarma?

Nairs are a branch of Nagavanshi Kshatriyas found in the Indian state of kerala. They are similar to the Bands , Nagavanshi Rajputs and Jats. Vishwakarmas are supposed to be engaged in the construction jobs . But, they fall under the Brahmin caste. Regarding who is upper , the Brahmins or the Kshatr ( Full Answer )

Which caste does actor sasikumar belong to?

he belongs to yadava ancient caste lord krishna also belongs tothat caste they are mostly vaishnavates and told themself asdescends of krishna

What is Tamil actor simbu height?

His height is 5'9". Other actors that are 5'9" are: Arya Ajith Kumar Prakash Raj Arun Vijay Vijay Kanth

Who is gaur brahman are they vishwakarma brahman?

vishwabrahmins are the brahmins being originated from lord vishwakarma the ultimate creator of this universe, as per my knowledge , when this universe was being generated all the GOD,s worshipped the lord vishwakarma then he came and originated the universe and Gaur brahmins were being created from ( Full Answer )

Which Tamil actors parayar caste list?

Parayar is a caste found mostly in Tamil Nadu, Puducherry andKerala. They are also called as "Adidravidar". Tamil actors whobelongs to this caste are Jai, Premji Amaran, Lawrence Raghavendar,Illaiyaraja.

Which actors were on the cast of Lost?

Actors and actresses that appeared in at least 50 episodes of Lost include: Jorge Garcia, Naveen Andrews, Matthew Fox, Josh Holloway, Daniel Dae Kim, Yunjin Kim, Evangeline Lily, Terry O'Quinn, Emilie de Raven, Michael Emerson, Henry Ian Cusick, Harold Perrineu, and Elizabeth Mitchell

Can an actor have the option of casting resin?

When one casts resin, they are using a different form of the word than in acting. 'Cast' in this case refers to a mold. Resin is a type of plastic, and casts are made by pouring hot melted plastic into a mold to produce a shape.

What is caste of actor aravind swamy?

Aravind Swamy is an Indian actor who mostly appears in Tamil cinema. He was cast in his very first film Thalapathi, which premiered in 1991. Kadal is his most recent film, released on February 1, 2013.

Which caste does actor nagarjuna belongs to?

Castes are no longer recognized officially in India. Mr. Nagarjunabelongs to the group of people who speak Telugo, which is aDravidian linguistic group. The majority of Telugus reside in thestates of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.