Who was Alexander Anderson for whom the NY airport was named before it became Idlewild?

He was the Commanding Colonial of the Fighting Sixty Nineth or the 165th infantry on 23rd and Lexington ave. He was raised by Col Duffy the founder of the "69th" in lower Manhattanaround 14th Street . He rose in the ranks from private to colonal of the sixty nineth. Under his comand was "The Fighting" Father Duffy, whose statue is in times square and was dedicated by Col Anderson and other dignateries .Col Anderson was portrayed in the movie of the FIGHTING 69TH starring James Cagney and Pat O'Brien. He was brought back in to service in 1941 by Senator Donavan of New York whose recomendation he gave to President Roosevelt. The president gave him charge of the 86th Division of Fort Hood, Texas at the rank of Brigarder General. He was then commissioned to the rank of Maj General by an act of congress in Nov of 1942. He died in his sleep on Dec 24, 1942. There was a troop transport ship Name after him The USS MAJ GEN AE ANDERSON. This ship was used in the Pacific during WW II It brought back the troops from the DEATH MARCH in PATAN. He was also Known to the officers at the time as the 100% soldier because when he took his officers test he scored 100% Nick Named " Black Mike" He was then