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Philip 2, king of Macedonia. He was Alexander the great, not the Greek. And he was a Macedonian, not a Greek.

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Alexander the Great's religoin?

Alexander the Great was the king of Greek kingdom of Macedon. He was son King Philip II. He followed the Greek polytheism religion.

Who was the son of Phillip II from Macedonia?

Alexander III of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia also known as Alexander the Great.

Who was the famous tutor the Alexander the Great?

Aristotle, who was a Greek philosopher. Aristotle was a protege to Plato, whose mentor was Socrates. These three great thinkers were all Greek, and that is the reason why Alexander the Great loved Greek Culture so much. (He was Macedonian.) That's a common misconception about Alexander. People think that he was Greek; he was not. Alexander was a Macedonian prince, son of Phillip II, and he was influenced by Aristotle.

Was Alexander an atheist?

If you mean Alexander the Great, then no - he live in the period of classical Greek gods and according to some reports, believed himself to be the son of Zeus.

How was Alexander the great son?

Alexander the Greats son was Alexander IV of Macedon

Was Alexander the great Hercules son?

No, he was not. Alexander the Great was the son of Philip II of Macedon and Olympias, a princess of the ancient Greek country of Epirus. It was claimed by ancient historians that Hercules was an ancestor of Alexander's through his father's side, and during his reign Alexander did identify himself with Hercules, often depicting himself as the Greek hero on coins.

Was Alexander the Great roman or greek?

Alexander the great was Greek.

What is the meaning of the name sanders?

boy's name is a variant of Alexander (Greek) and Sanders (Middle English), and the meaning of Saunders is "man's defender, warrior; son of Alexander".

Who conquered all of Greek?

Philip II of Macedonia and his son Alexander the Great invaded the northern border of Greece

Spell Alexander in Greek?

The Greek form of the name Alexander is: Αλέξανδρος Alexandros

What Nationality is Alexander the Great?

Alexander the Great was a Greek from the Northern Greek kingdom of Macedonia.

The 5 W's of Alexander the great?

Alexander the Great was the son of the king of the Greek kingdom of Macedonia. He was highly educated by Aristotle. He lived around the years of 350 BC and led the spread of Hellenism. These are the 5W's of the who, what, where, when and why of Alexander the Great.

Alexander was the son of what ruler?

Alexander The Great was the son of the Macedonian King; King PhilipII

Who was Alexander the Great survived by?

By his son Alexander the fourth. Alexander the great was Alexander the third. His son was murdered at the age of 13 shortly after the death of his father.

Was Alexander the Great a greek?

Alexander the Great was Greek. 372 famous scholars from top world universities (Cambridge, Oxford) have declared with their names that Alexander the Great was Greek.

How did Philip ii ruin his relationship with Alexander the great?

Philip II ruined his relationship with his son, Alexander the Great, by rejecting Alexander's mother who was a Greek from Epirus and marrying another woman who was a Greek from Macedonia. Alexander, and especially his mother, felt that Alexander would no longer be in line to inherit the throne should Philip II die with an heir that was a full Macedonian Greek. There have been speculations that Alexander had killed his father but in light of this reason, it has been proposed that it was Alexander's mother that may have arraigned to assassinate Philip, not Alexander.

What did Alexander the greek help with?

what did alexander the greata help with

Who was the son of Philip of Macedon?

the son of Phillip II is Alexander of Macedon a.k.a. Alexander the great

How did Alexander the great affect the israelites?

Alexander, who loved all things Greek, introduced the Greek language and Greek ways to Judah.

How did the Greek culture spread throughout the Mediterranean?

Though the conquests of Alexander the Great, self proclaimed son of Zeus. Also through trade.

Who succeded Alexander the Great?

Alexander IV of Macedonia who was the son of Alexander the Great

Which Greek god did Alexander the Great identify with most?

Zeus (equivalent Amon in Egypt). Then of course, he had Amon tell him that he was his son, so he presented himself as a god, so he might have considered the answer to the question as 'Alexander'.

Who was son of Chaos in Greek mythology?

Erebus was the son of Chaos in Greek mythology.

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