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Amelia Earhart is a famous woman pilot. She died in a airplane crash.


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Amelia ear hart did not have any children or adopt any children

There was no such person as "Amelia air hert"

Amelia Ear hart went to Hyde Park high school and went to Columbia Universety for college. Amelia attended many different high schools like ogontz which she dropped out of

Amelia one day went to a Air Fair and decided she would like to fly

In 1920 Amelia and her family moved to Los Angelos, California. Her dad took her to air shows and that's when Amelia decided she wanted to be a pilot

Amelia 'got started' when she visited an airfield in Long Beach in 1920 and had a flight with Frank Hawks, (later a famed air-racer). After that, Amelia knew flying was her aim.

Amelia Earhart's plane disappeared at 6120 kilocycles, according to her last known message to the Itasca

Amelia went 14,000 feet in the air in 1922 in an autogiro when she was 25 years old

She made a hardship is an air planes

I believe she had a hobby of flying. She seemed to love doing this and even died doing it. Yea, flying was probably her hobby.

This is what she flow solo. Her Kinner went 14,000 feet in the air in 1922 when Amelia was 25 years old. The plane Amelia used for flying 14,000 feet was nicknamed ' The Canary'.

I would call it a tragedy of the air.

Amelia Earhart factswas born in Atchison, Kansasborn on July 24,1897birth name Amelia Mary EarhartAmelia Earhart broke the women's altitude recordcame in third in the women's air derbylearned how to fly at age 24

elia did a few 'National Air races' but never won any.

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I think the answer might possibly be Amelia Earhart.

Amelia's flights and who travelled in an air plane who is a girl

The first one was the Toronto Exposition.

it is such a consern because the air pollution could cause hart deseses and you could die from it

amelia ameliaAmelia

She made air transport and women pilots more acceptable.

She participated in air races and many events for women aviators.

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