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Who was America's first NHL hockey team?

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The Boston Bruins were the first NHL team based in the United States, beginning play in the 1924-25 season. The following season, two more U.S.-based teams were added, the Pittsburgh Pirates and the New York Americans, both now defunct. The last three American "Original Six" teams were founded for the 1926-27 season, the New York Rangers, the Chicago Black Hawks (now Blackhawks), and the Detroit Cougars, who changed their name to the Detroit Falcons in 1930, before finally becoming the now recognized Detroit Red Wings in 1932.

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The Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, the Detroit Redwings, and the New York Rangers were the original American teams, along with the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadians in Canada

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Does Colorado have an NHL hockey team?

yes there is a NHL hockey team and the team is called The Colarado Avalanche

What was the first NHL hockey team?

I believe the Montreal Canadians.

Which year was Florida made an NHL Hockey team?

The Panthers first season in the NHL was the 1993-94 season.

Are the grizzlies a real NHL hockey team?

There is no NHL team called the Grizzlies at this point

Which NHL hockey team won the first stanley cup?

Montreal Hockey Club defeated the Ottawa Hockey Club 3-1

What state is the Avalanche team?

colorado. nhl hockey team

When did the LA kings become a hockey team?

1967-68 was their first full season in NHL.

Which clubs are affiliated to the NHL?

Each NHL team has an affiliate team (or farm team) that plays in the American Hockey League. Many of the AHL teams are in the same city as their NHL affiliate. Many NHL teams are also affiliated with an East Coast Hockey League team.

What is an NHL rookie hockey player do?

play hockey for what ever team that drafted them

What is the first US team admitted to the national hockey league?

From jack@backalleysports.com The Boston Bruins were the first US based hockey franchise in the NHL in 1924.

Who was the first hockey team?

In the NHL, it was the Montreal Canadiens. Other than that, hockey goes back hundreds of years so teams could be ancient.

What is the yongest NHL hockey team?

Columbus and Minnesota 2000

The montrealcanadiens is a hockey?

if you are asking if the Montreal canadiens are a hockey team, then yes. They are in the northeast division in the NHL.

Why is there one Carolina team in hockey?

There is only one NHL hockey team in North Carolina. There are ECHL and other leagues that have hockey teams in North Carolina.

Does Colorado have any major sports team?

Hockey team in the NHL which is the Colorada avalanche

What is an elite league team in nhl 10?

A team from the swedish hockey league "Elitserien"

What is the name for the Vancouver's Ice Hockey team?

Vancouver's NHL team is the Vancouver Canucks.

What hockey team played in Saint Louis before the blues?

St. Louis Flyers were the original AHL team but the St. Louis Eagles were the first NHL team

Are the Houston Aeros a part of NHL?

No, they are an American Hockey League team.

What is NHL best hockey team?

The Chicago Blackhawks all the way!!!

Where is the NHL team the Saints located?

The St. Louis Blues NHL hockey team is located in St. Louis, Missouri. The team was founded in 1967. There is also a NCAA ice hockey league called the St. Lawrence Saints.

What is the Montreal ice hockey team called?

The NHL team in Montreal Canada is called the "Canadiens".

Do more Americans or Canadian play hockey in the NHL?

more canadians play in the NHL, there is a avg of 6 canadians on every NHL team

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