Who was Delilah in The Bible?

Delilah was a woman that strongman Samson fell in love with. Unfortunately, she soon became the paid informant of Samson's enemies, the Philistines, who offered her a huge amount of money -- 1,100 pieces of silver -- if she would give them any information that might lead to his capture. They wanted to know his weak points.

So, in a quiet moment, Delilah asked him directly what his weak points were! He wasn't stupid, so he gave her a misleading answer, which involved him being tied up with special ropes! Believing it to be true, she passed the information to her paymasters. They acted upon this false information, and, of course, their efforts failed!

Delilah got annoyed with Samson and demanded that he tell her the truth! Well, he misleads her again, and the ruse fails again!

She gets even more annoyed and asks him a third time, but once more he gives her false information, and he escapes capture a third time.

Delilah feels quite exasperated and insulted by Samson's perpetual and deceitful lies, and challenges him: "You don't really love me, otherwise you would have told me the truth!" And she keeps pestering him to tell her the real truth. He becomes very weary of her continual demands and eventually succumbs, telling her the secret of his strength and his key weak point.

Now fully apprised of Samson's situation, she secretly contacts the Philistine leaders once more, telling them to bring the money and advising them that she would definitely deliver Samson into their hands this time.

She lulls Samson to sleep, with his head upon her lap. Then she summons one of the enemy into the room, and.... The Biblical reference:

For more information, see Judges chapter 16, verses 4-21.

There is conjecture about Delilah's identity, but the Bible itself doesn't provide any further information other than to give the name of the place where Samson fell in love with this woman, Delilah, who became his betrayer and his potential assassin's informant.