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edawrd 111 eldest son was edward iv, known as the black prince , for the black armour he wore in battle

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Was Edward Jenner black or white?

He was a white Englishman.

Are jaguars black and white?

Yes. Jaguars can be black and white or either black or white.

Do women have to wear black and white to a black and white attire?

no they only have to wear either black or white not both

What bird is black and white striped?

Either the black-and-white Warbler or a Pied Wagtail.

What is the legendary in Pokemon white 2?

Either Reshirem, White Zekrom, Or White Kyurem. *Extra Detail*; In Pokemon Black 2, It's either Zekyurem/Zekyurom, Black Reshiram, Or Black Kyurem.

Do dogs see in color or in black and white?

Black and White. Scientists think that dogs see in either black and white or limited amount of color.

What is the name of the logo that is black and white eye?

A black and white eye can either be the logo for CBS or Logitech.

Can a Jack Russell terrier's have black hair?

Yes. They are usually either white & brown, white & black, tricolor, or all white.

Why do zebra have stripes and their cousins horses and donkey have a solid color?

because either the donkey was either black or white and the horse was eighter black or white then the had sex

Make a sentence for either?

you can have either dress,black or's your choice.

In Edward Cullen's room what colour is his sofa?

movie=white book=black

Should I get either Pokemon Black 2 or White 2?

Black 2

In the book twilight does Edward have a black sofa?

Another Twilight fan! Yes, in the novel Edward has a leather black sofa. However, in the movie he has a white leather sofa.

Could a white woman having a baby with a mixed black man have a white baby?

yes they could actually have either black or white

What king of England was called-the Martyr?

St. Edward the Martyr,King of the English (AD 962-978)Edward was the eldest son of King Edgar the Peacemaker by his first wife, the beautiful Ethelflaeda Eneda (White-Duck).

I desire to make colour by mixing black and white?

By mixing black and white you will get a grey. The shades of grey will depend upon how much of either black or white you mix into the other.

Can a white female have a black baby if the male is white?

She can if there is a black ancestor somewhere along the line on either side of the family.

Does this model come in "white" as well?

Yes, this microwave is available in either black or white.

What will happen if you bread a black and white cat with an all black cat?

It depends on the genetics of either parent, but most likely you will get a mixture of black/white and all-black kittens.

What color shoes should you wear with a black jumpsuit?

Either black or white, I would go more towards white though

What color kittens will you get if you breed black cat white white cat?

Depending on the parent's genes, it is likely the kittens will be either Black, White or a mixture of the two.

What kind of dog is in the movie 2012?

Japanese Chin. They are either black and white or red and white.

What color iPod Touch should you get?

Well either black or white, I personally like black

What are white tigers known for?

White Tigers are known for their color. They are not like the other tigers, orange & black, but they are either white & black or stripe-less, white. they are really called White Bengal Tiger.

Why is raging bull in black and white?

Because it was too expensive to do it in colour, it was either black and white or sell a kidney and a nipple. :) hope this helped