Who was Elenor of Aquitane?

Eleanor was the Duchess of Aquitaine, the Queen of France from 1137-1152, and the Queen of England from 1154- 1189. She married Louis VII of France and bore him two daughters before divorcing. She then married Henry II, Duke of the Normans in 1152, and became Queen of England when he ascended to the throne in 1154. She bore him eight children, one of whom was Henry the Young King, who later revolted against his father. Eleanor supported Henry the Young King's failed revolt, and so was imprisoned by Henry II from 1173-1889. She was eventually released by her son Richard I (Richard the Lionheart), and became his regent. She lived into the reign of her youngest son, King John, before dying in April 1204. She had been one of the most powerful women in Western Europe.