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Who was Ellen G. White?

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Ellen Gould White (1827-1915) was an author who some claim to be a prophet who was involved in the formation of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The Seventh-day Adventist Church officially recognizes her as a prophet.

Ellen G. White is the author of many books including "Prophets and Kings", " The Great Controversy", and " The Desire of Ages". Ellen White was a previous Millerite, or a follower of William Miller, before what is known as " The Great Disappointment". Ellen G. White lead commentaries on The Bible, and helped to form many of the SDA (Seventh-day Adventist) doctrines and official beliefs.

In her childhood, she had a rock thrown at her head and she suffered severe head trauma and almost died. Some people attribute the visions she later had to this event.

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Was Ellen G White white?

Yes, Ellen G. White was Caucasian.

What does the G stand for in Ellen G White?

The G in Ellen White's name stands for Gould, so it is Ellen Gould White.

On which day was Ellen G white buried?

Ellen .G. White was obviously buried on a Sunday.

At what age did Ellen G White die?

Ellen G White died at age 87 in 1915.

When was Ellen G. White born?

Ellen G. White was born on November 26, 1827.

Does Ellen G. White sing?

The Seventh-day Adventist pioneer Ellen G. White cannot sing. She is dead. There is another Ellen G. White listed on Facebook. She might.

Where did Ellen G. White die?

Ellen G. White died in Elmshaven which is in Saint Helena, California.

Where did Ellen white go to school?

where did Ellen g white attend school ?

Why Ellen G White not Ellen H White?

Ellen Gould Harmon was her maiden name while Ellen Gould White was her married name.

What was Ellen G White's full name?

Ellen G. White's full name was Ellen Gould White.

When did Ellen G. White die?

Ellen G. White died on July 16, 1915 at the age of 87.

Was Ellen G White Jewish?


Was Ellen G White crazy?


How old was Ellen G. White at death?

Ellen G. White died on July 16, 1915 at the age of 87.

What state was Ellen G White married in?

Ellen G. White married James White in Portland, Maine, United States on August 30, 1846.

What is Ellen G. White's birthday?

Ellen G. White was born on November 26, 1827.

Did Ellen G White wear jewelry?


Where did Ellen g white work?

at a libary

How old is Ellen G. White?

Ellen G. White was born on November 26, 1827 and died on July 16, 1915. Ellen G. White would have been 87 years old at the time of death or 187 years old today.

How tall was Ellen G White?

six feet

How many siblings did Ellen G White have?


What did Ellen G White say about prayer?

she liked it

What sacrifices did Ellen G White make?


Did the Bible speak of the coming of Ellen G White and whether she was chosen by God to deliver a message to his people?

A:Ellen G White is not mentioned in the Bible, even indirectly.

What year was the name Ellen G White copyrighted?