Who was Ernest Hemingway?

Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway was an American writer - novels and news articles mostly.

Born in 1899, in 1971 his first career was working at the Kansas Star, a news paper company.

Ernest Hemingway left his job with the Kansas Star to join World War One, where he served as a Red Cross ambulance driver. He was injured during a delivery run which was the last rout of his carrer.

His writings that followed were frequently about death and psychological trama associated with war.

He is sometimes remembered for his association with the Spanish civil war of the 1930's when he was a reporter. This bloody conflict between communism and fascism was a prelude to WWII......WWII being almost entirely about a similar conflict between fascist Germany and communist Russia with their respective allies.

Hemingway novels have been made into several movies with generally decent interpretations offered.

He was a larger than life figure with many legends being attached to him. For example, he was supposedly a notorious and brutal drunk. The margarita was supposedly created for him. His sexual exploits were vast and ruthless, with many broken hearts. He was possibly homosexual at times. He spent time in Cuba and knew Castro. He suffered a vast array of illnesses and injuries in his life and was inaccurately written up in the papers as deceased on at least two occassions. His actual death was in 1961 as a result of a loosing battle with lifelong depression. He reportedly took a shotgun blast to the head.