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Who was Eurylochus?

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Eurylochus is a trouble-making individual in Odysseus' crew on his return home.

His exploits include:

  • Convincing the crew to open the bag of winds, thinking that there is treasure inside it.
  • Avoiding Circe's spell through his suspicion, and successfully warning Odysseus and the rest of the crew.
  • Convincing the crew to kill the cattle of Helios for meat, and sacrifice some of them to appease the gods.
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Who is Eurylochus?

Eurylochus is Odysseus' second in command.

Why does Odysseus become angry with eurylochus?

Odysseus becomes angry because Eurylochus tries to undermine his leadership. Eurylochus disregards Odysseus in front of the sailors and unsuccessfully tries to mutiny.

Who was Odysseus's cousin?


Who is Eurylochus on The Odyssey?


How does Eurylochus convince the men to kill the cattle?

Eurylochus convinces the men that the gods will be appeased if they sacrifice some of the cattle to them.

What was Eurylochus a god of?

He's not a god.

Who was famously distrustful of women?


What happens to Eurylochus'smen on the island of Aeaea?

Polites entered Circe's palace and was soon followed by all of Eurylochus' men (except for Eurylochus himself). Circe invited them for dinner and added a magical potion to the meal. Eurylochus' men were then turned into pigs.

What is Eurylochus' reaction to Odysseus' news concerning his conquest of Circe?

Eurylochus was defiant. He attempted to stop Odysseus men from following him to Circes house but Odysseus men decided to follow him and Eurylochus came with because Odysseus yelled at him.

Circe homines in regia salutat sed Eurylochus regiam non intrat?

Circe greets the men in the palace, but Eurylochus does not enter the palace.

Why was Odysseus angry with Eurylochus?

Eurylochus made Odysseus angry by the following actions: Eurylochus convinces the crew to open the bag of winds just before the ship reached Ithaca, thinking that there was treasure inside the bag. After Odysseus rescued the men from Circe, in an attempt to warn the men from going to Circe's house, Eurylochus called the deaths of the crewmates at the cyclops Polphemus' hands the fault of Odysseus' leadership. Eurylochus convinces the crew to kill Hyperion's cattle for meat.

On Circe's island what happened to Eurylochus?

Eurylochus was given command of 22 men to explore the island, (half of the crew). They meet Circe, and feast at her house. However, Eurylochus being suspicious, does not eat of the food or drink the wine. When the crew members are turned into swine, Eurylochus runs back to the ship to warn Odysseus. Later when Odysseus comes back, and Eurylochus does not want to go back to Circe's palace, Odysseus is angry enough to behead him, but is stopped by the rest of the crew.

Who is famously distrustful of women in the odyssey?


Who was odysseus' first mate?


Who was odysseus's right hand man?


Who told Odysseus what circe did with his men?


Who is the trouble maker of Odysseus's crew?


What does Eurylochus think about Odysseus's behavior in the land of Circe?

Eurylochus did not obey to the orders of Odysseus and when Odysseus brought back his colleagues from the palace of Circe they almost had a fight

Who feared a snare and did not go into Circe's hall?


Who is Odysseus lead man on Circe's Island?


Why did eurylochus not enter circe's hall?

Eurylochus didn't want to enter the Hall because he sensed Circe's foul play. He was being cautious and didn't want to fall into her trap. Later on, you find out that he was right. Odysseus' men are turned into hogs and Eurylochus rushes to tell him. Hope this helped c:

Who convinced the men to eat the cattle?

eurylochus while he was asleep

Who was the troublemaking crew member on Odysseus' ship?


Who was the troublemaker of Odysseus's crew?

Eurylochus:) Yur Welcum:3

What warning does Eurylochus bring back to the ship?

wind in a bag

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