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George Marshall was Secretary of State for the U.S. Post-WWII, Marshall traveled to Europe to determine the amount of money that was needed to help with the rebuilding of war-torn Europe. His plan later become to be known as the Marshall Plan. In 1948, the Marshall Plan financed $4billion to Europe, subsequently in 1951, the amount was raised to $13billion. He was a leader and made many changs with the way people did things.
George C. Marshall was an American statesman and soldier known for his leadership roles during and after the World War II.

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Q: Who was George Marshall and what did he have to do with World War 2?
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What position did george marshall hold during World War 2?

George C. Marshall was the Chief of Staff .

What are words that start with g and have to do with world war 2?

Germany, General George Marshall and General George Patton are World War 2 words. They begin with the letter g.

Who made a plan to rebuild Europe after world war 2?

Gen George C. Marshall - the Marshall Plan

Who became the Secretary of State after World War 2 who has a plan named after him?

George Marshall.

Who had a plan to rebuild the w euroup after World War 2?

George C. Marshall .

Who was the chief of staff of the U.S. Army during World War 2?

General George Marshall.

Who was the chief staff of the American army during World War 2?

General George C. Marshall

Who was the military leader of the US in World War 2?

I dont know! George Marshall was Chief of Staff.

Who was the Secretary of State who devised a plan to rebuild Europe following World War 2?

George Marshall.

Which event of World War 2 was most affected by the contributions of George Marshall?

The overall Pacific strategy

Who was the secretary of state that proposed a plan to give aid to European countries after world war 2?

George Marshall wrote the Marshall Plan and it was adopted.

The desire to rebuild devastated economies after World War 2 resulted in the signing of which document?

The desire to rebuild devastated economies after World War 2 resulted in the signing of the Marshall Plan. The plan got its name from Secretary of State, George Marshall.

What plan was written at the end of World War 2?

After World War II, Secretary of State George Marshall developed a plan for the rebuilding of western Europe. Called the Marshall Plan, it was presented in 1947 and enacted in 1948.

Which Secretary of State drafted a plan to help European nations rebuild after World War 2?

George Marshall

Who was the secretary of state who drafted a plan to help Europe nations rebuild after world war 2?

george marshall

Why did George C Marshall win the Nobel Peace Prize?

The Marshall Plan, an idea to rebuild and strengthen western Europe after World War 2, and reject communism from there.

Who was the secretary of state who devised the plan after world war 2 to provide economic aid to European nations affected by the war?

George C. Marshall .

What is a g word from World War 2?

· Germany · George Marshall (US General) · George Patton (US General)

What name was given to the plan that helped Germany to rebuild after World War 2?

Marshall Plan, named after George C. Marshall, who was then US Secretary of State under President Truman. George Marshall was previously the very successful four-star general, Chief of Staff (head) of the US Army in the Second World War. Marshall won the Nobel Peace Prize for the plan and implementation of American rebuilding of western Europe after the war.

What was the name for the US help to rebuild the economy of Western Europe after World War 2?

The Marshall Plan-named after General George Marshall who saw correctly that nothing was to be gained by punishing the German people for the war.

Which U.S. general's organizational skills allowed him to command eight million soldiers during world war 2?

George Marshall.

Who was the US Chief of staff during World War 2 later Secretary of state and author of an important aid program?

George Marshall was the Chief of Staff during World War 2. He became Secretary of State and authored the European Recovery Program, commonly referred to as the Marshall Plan.

What role did george marshall play during World War 2?

Marshall was Army Chief of Staff, and organized and directed thru appointment of battlefield commanders the war in Europe and the Pacific. He directed all training in the same way. He was not a battlefield commander.

Who created a Europe Economic Recovery Plan after the end of World War 2?

George C. Marshall .

During World War 2 who was American chief of staff?

George C. Marshall, who also came up with the Marshall Plan. The Marshall Plan was the idea that Americans' tax dollars would be put towards rebuilding Europe after WWII.